Bulging disk surgery ?

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    If anybody knows anything about the success of Bulging disk surgery I would appriciate any info. Thanks , Jubi
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    I ruptured a disc in my neck 10 years ago. It was a very large rupture. The doctor had me to lay in traction at home for 2 weeks and that didn't seem to help.I had surgery and did very well for 5 years and then I ruptured the same disc again. Fortunately it wasn't as large as the first time. So now I am very careful on what I do so I won't cause the rupture to become worse. At times I have problems but until it gets really bad, I won't have surgery again.My husband
    has had 2 back surgeries and has to watch what he does too. I am very sorry that this isn't really good news but I hope it helps.
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    I had my hip replaced in Oct. and now my back hurts like a bankee. I had a MRI an I have 2 buldging disc right before my tail bone. I hurt like hell. My husband tells me, no more surgery but it is not his body. I am going to explore my options. I see my orthorpetic doctor on the 10th and he has my results. If you are like me, I hurt bad. I know we need money, I have not gotten my disability yet, but we have insurance. No one knows how much we hurt, except US! Actually my back hurt first, even before my hip. I have heard good things about the surgery, if given the option. I am going to do it.

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    Hi Jubi~

    Which end of the spine are your bulging discs? I've had 2 cervical spine surgeries and 3 lumbar spine surgeries. Depending on what is going on with your spine, depends on what kind of surgery you would have.

    My surgeries were resulting of a horse falling on top of me... I fractured 4 vertebra in my lumbar spine, and 3 discs in my cervical spine ruptured, causing severe spinal cord compression (ribbon thin) at C5-6 & C6-7. At the C3-4 level, I had a herniated disc and a large bone spur at C3, causing spinal cord compression (not as bad as C5-7), but had to have a partial corpectomy (removed half) of the C3.

    I cannot say that these surgeries have been successful, as they haven't. The first surgery -- an Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion at C5-6 & C6-7 levels (ACDF C5-7) was the only successful surgery.

    That doesn't mean that you wouldn't have a successful surgery. Depending on the surgery, depends on the length of time in the operating room, and in the hospital, or whether you have to go to a Rehab Hospital. The two cervical spine surgeries, I was in the hospital for 24 hours. The first two lumbar spine surgeries, I was in the hospital for 48 hours. The last lumbar spine surgery I was in the hospital for 5 days, and in a Rehab Hospital for 6 days.

    Most times, if it's a "bulging" disc, a surgeon (whether an Orthopedic Spinal or Neurosurgeon) will send you to Physical Therapy to see if the bulging disc will reabsorb itself, or teach the patient the proper way to move and strengthen the core of the body, to stay away from surgery.

    If you have specific questions, please ask them, and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability. But one bit of advice, if a surgeon wants to do surgery on you, I would get another opinion. I did not do that, and I believe that was a horrible mistake. I had total faith in the Neurosurgeon that did all 5 of my surgeries, and in the end, I am a mess, with no options except pain management. (I finally got a 2nd & 3rd opinion 5 months after my last (5th) surgery, as the Neurosurgeon that did my surgeries, lost his privileges at 2 hospitals after an internal review by the hospital where he was Chief of Neurosurgery because of numerous malpractice/negligence lawsuits pending against him, and an investigation by the Federal Finance Committee for Medicare Fraud.)

    Good luck, and hopefully you'll get other posts to your thread here.

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    Thamk you for your responses. You all have seen and been through some really hard times and you made me feel more blessed that I wasn't hurting as bad as you are and all youv'e been through..
    I was given physical therapy and it hurt worse so I told them what I wanted when I went in there the last couple of times. Just put that electric thing on me and leave me alone. How much harm could that thing cause? !Ha.

    I refused the epideral they offred as I've had to be haealed of a failed epideral. My 30 minutes to drive to church brought me to tears every Sunday and one day I walked in there and told God I couldn't take it anymore and it so happened there was a healing service that day and I got mine. I have a huge scar and it was from childbirth , but its all too scary for me because its so dangerous and I dont feel I am in intence enough pain to chance it.

    Si , I think its good as another mentioned to take it easy when our pain level is down like you say and I am doing that and suffering much less. Ever since I was off all pain meds uncontious for 2 and a half days ,I have cut my meds in less than half and I also got 5 days bed rest , which I think also made a big difference.

    I work at my computer and I love it and don't like to stop , but I am trying to be more diciplined. It's causes alot of pain.

    Faye , if you are in that much pain I will pray they offer surgery ( if thats whats best)as you sound at that piont from what others say. I used to hurt so much more with my Fibro before getting off effexor which is strange I know that a medication could increase pain even to almost unbarable. There is no warning on the drug about this , but it is highly dangerous to the body and one friend is dying of irriversable liver desease from being on that med 8 years . I was on 4 and thats when my pain meds started... Bulging disks are my 4 and 5 . I was on elivil for my past chronic depression I lived with 19 years , but elivil , which is a pretty safe drug and I was on the highest dose, actually has a pain chronic pain killer in it and it really helps you sleep as I have been an insomniac for many years. Right off , I need pain pills and then my whole body stars killing me , and I'm not sure what I am taking the pain med for as I hurt everywhere and thats when one day God directed me to look up Fibro and Bingo I knew then why I suffered so. Good luck on getting your surgery as thats right what you sit on down there. I hope you have meds , but surgery sounds pretty scarry to me unless you can get pain meds. . God Bless

    Good info too Kristen and I like horses too but i'm sure glad ones never fallen on me!. I am so sorry for all youve gone through. I think your advice on getting two even 3 opinions is good.
    I don't really understand what happened conserning the pain and my bulging disks , because my feet and legs were going numb and I cried out to God as I was falling down alot then and standing was so painful. I asked him as I believe that sometimes you have to be willing to go out and get something that God has for you, and one day I thought , well , nothing sure is happening sitting in this chair hybernating away daily , then I felt led in my heart to go check this certain church out (for awhile) And one Sun. night my hubby went with me and there was an evangelist there that night and she did a prayer invite so I went up, and bingo , all my numbness went away , but I still have my 2 (for sure) bulging disks as I had an MRI lately. BUT no more numbness and I am in less pain and the numbness has stayed gone since 10-03. If I get too much better i'm not going to be allowed on this site !Ha. I hope that never happens( not being able to come here) but its hard to talk about much of anything without mentioning Gods intervention somehow.
    I was thinking alot about Naman in the O.T. who had to go dunk in the icky Jordan River to get his healing from leprosy. It couldnt be some clean river around his home . No , It had to be the Jordan ! I think asking a God who always listens "what do I need to do to get my healing has great impact if your willing to follow "illogicle instructions" as faith moves God. Yes, we have all been prayed for and not healed , but that doesn't mean we give up asking.

    Thank you for your advice on checking Dr's out before they work on you. I would have to go to this famous hospital here in central Cal, I can't think of the name of , and my daughterin-law had a very successful back surgery there. It's in Sacramento somewhere. God Bless , Jubi