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    Does a person get a bulls eye rash when Lyme is transmitted by a mosquito? Or only when transmitted by a tick?

    I live in San Diego County and Lyme is known here and mentioned and warned about on the County Government sites. It is only stated as being transmitted by ticks though but it is kind of humid down here and the mosquitos are TERRIBLE.
    My daughter has a huge bug-bite on her leg, which resembles a bulls eye but likely caused by a mosquito. It is a large raised red area about the size of a baseball. She has been bitten by tons of mosquitos this past summer (teenager hanging outside with her friends) but she's never had a reaction like this, which concerns me.

    My husband had the same thing on his elbow a few months ago and went to the Dr who said it was just an infected bug bite. The DR gave him antibiotics and prednisone. It cleared up within a few days.
    My other concern is we have had several deaths due to West Nile this past summer and hundreds of dead birds.

    Maybe I am just a worry wart......

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    If nothing else, at least bring her to the doctor and take a couple good photos of the rash. Take notes over the next few weeks. I think that most doctors at this point would want to put her on abx to make sure that if it is Lyme disease it does not progress.

    If it is Lyme, you want to ~hammer~ it up front.

    No idea about the mosquito thing.

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    I appreciate it. I am watching her for any flu-like symptoms and have told her to tell me if she gets any.

    The rash hasn't turned bulls-eye, just a big red welt. She says it is very itchy and has 2 bites on it. I am keeping my eye on it and her and will get her to the Dr if it doesn't look better this afternoon.

    No I really am a worry wart but sometimes you just have to be one when you are a Mom, right?

    Thank you again

    PS Kathy I've read your posts about your daughter. The poor thing has been through so much. I can't imagine the stress she has gone through. I am so glad to see your recent post about her returning to school, part time. I bet she is so happy to begin to become a normal teenager again, even if it is a long road to recovery, she is beginning to get her life back. Good for her!