bump CPK Levels

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    I am going to have Nerve Conduction Tests done on the 24th due to muscle soreness and weakness. They wrote down that my CPK level was 360+. Does anyone know what significance this has and what they are really checking for??

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    It indicates cell die-off. It can be due to several different things, heart attack, lupus, polymyositis, etc. It is a sign of inflammation in the body. If you have inflammation from muscles or joints with arthritus, you can expect your CPK to go up.
    360 isn't that high but it is noticeable. When I was first diagnosed with polymyositis mine was about 950 and the doctor put me on 60 mg. of Prednisone. After about a year, I was off of it.
    Since you are having a nerve conduction test - what do you think they are looking for?[This Message was Edited on 01/12/2006]