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    When I first became ill in May of 2002 I came here all the time and I just want to up front to Mikie and any others who remember me .....I want to apologize. I was so angry at the world for getting this horrible illness and unfortunately I had a husband who blamed me for ruining his life by becoming ill and ruining "HIS" life. I suffered years emotionally and verbally from his abuse because this illness caused me to lose my carreer. It turned into physical abuse in 2009 and near the end of that year I finally left him. I am now a person who is at peace so ((((MIKIE))))) do not worry about having any trouble with me this time. I am sorry for the ugly person I was.

    MY BIG QUESTION: I see you all have learrned a lot in my absence and where do I learn about this latest "Peptide Injection" therapy a lot of you are doing?

    I did find the official "Full Report" from Oxford University and I saw my GP yesterday and I gave him a copy and asked him to please read it and see if it is something that can be an option for me. I tried to read it and understand it but it is written in "Dr. Speak-to-Dr" and I feel like I need things explained to me these days as if I am a 4th grader.

    I just am going thru treatment (gross coming up here....) where my scalp was/is infested with parasites. I literally had to pull them out of my scalp myself and go into the ER with a collection of all the ones I have been able to get (dead mostly but I managed to get a fresh live one right before they sent me back to see the ER Doc). I KNEW UNLESS I LITERALLY WAS HOLDING ONTO A LIVE SQUIRMING SAMPLE THEY WOULD JUST THINK I WAS A NUT CASE. I WAS VALIDATED!!!!! I WAS THRILLED WHEN THE ONLY THING THE DR. COULD SAY WAS "YES, DEAR LADY, THAT IS A PARASITE, AND YES, I DO SEE THE COLONY IN YOUR SCALP, THEY ARE ALL CLUSTERED TOGETHER WIGGLING AROUND" so follow up was they sent them off to a lab, I saw my (new) GP yesterday and he rx's something called metro which is basically flagyl and a few other antibiotics. Also, in case any of you are dealing with this parasite issue....they were passing thru me, er, um, you know what I mean, they come out other end and it is helpful to take those also to Docs as they seem to not believe anything they cannot see. Coming out other end they are in various form, I had larval stage, full grown bodies and those were about 3-4x size of the tiny buggers I was able to get out of my scalp. SORRY TO BE SO GROSS BUT I WAS/AM HOPING MY EXPERIENCE WILL HELP SOMEONE ELSE. i AM GOING TO PLAN ON PRACTICALLY LIVING ON THIS SITE AGAIN FOR A WHILE AS i MUST GET INFO ON THIS 'peptide injection' therapy and I have a lot of niceness I owe ppl here as when I used to come here back in 2002-2004 I was arrogant, angry, hopeless, helpless, desperate, etc. Honestly I must take responsibility myself and I truly hope any of you who remember me do find that I am not that same person. I am truly finally at peace but still sick all the time with pain, Fibro, CFS, Lyme, arthritis, etc. All the usual things we all get.

    Nice to be back and I hope to redeem myself and if I need to be slapped down by yoy, dear Mikie please do it for me. I know you are capable! Please anyone who has any parasite questions fire away. I will stay near for at least a few months probably.

    I am counting on you .........MIKIE.......to keep me in my place.
    I wanna be only a blessing to you all.

    Jaci (from Tri Cities, WA, had 'Madwolf' as my personal pain Doc for a while until he moved across state. Is he ever around Mikie?)

    Jaci Bartholomew
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    Hello from India,

    I am currently doing some parasite cleanses. I am not sure exactly what my diagnosis is but I seem to have most symptoms of fibromyalgia- I also had a raised eosonophila count so I wonder if I might have parasites. I am doing a parasite cleanse called HUMAWORM. Have you heard of it ?

    What were your symptoms ?

    I wish you well :)

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    Hi, actually last Oct I had come down with MRSA following a 4 yr battle with a staph infection that they never could get treated. Many rounds of cipro.....it started in my deep sinuses 4 yrs ago, kept traveling between my ear lobes, eye infections, sinuses, just a continuous vicious cycle. Around and around all between the same places this went on for 4 yrs. Eye doc had rx'd 5 different eye drops. None even touched the infection. It would come & go from and to each place. To make a long story short, this past Oct it finally was MRSA and after 2 wks of being on clindamycin and it was doing me no good, was getting worse, my eyes, sinuses then all of a sudden my entire scalp was like an inch of dark, sticky pus. Like a layer of pus (white blood cells the immune system sends to fight off infection) was encasing my entire brain. It felt as if the top layer of skin was so incredibly thin all ofa sudden and everywhere I would touch, pus would just start oozing. It was very thick & sticky. I call Dr. They then switch my meds to put me on Levaquin ****(Levaquin is a nightmare in itself. Many horror stories on internet. I looked it up and there are thousands of cases where ppl literally die on their 3rd dose from kidney failure so as I was just starting to take it I was realizing that it, by itself could kill me but apparantly it was the only hope of clearing this up as every time they would culture the staph, it would be a different variant of staph. It kept mutating into another kind. Every round of cipro, I had been thru 3 or 4 rounds in the 4 mo prior....after the cipro it was a different staph. I go thru 3 weeks of Levaquin hell. I was literally incapacitated by pain in every tendon in my body. I was for 2-3 months living in my recliner barely able to move. The Levaquin made me go into the worst pain cycle I have ever experienced. Finally, just about a mo ago, all of a sudden I have these bumps & scabs on my top of my scalp. Basically I opened them up and with my fingernails was digging out live little worm like things. Apparantly they enter thru the hair follicle & set up homesteading and branch out with many colonies. I probably had approx 8-10 or so areas as big as a quarter or larger that were just mounds of these things as they lay eggs and every 6 days new ones hatch. Just last Fri I finally walked into the ER witha live one I had just dug out with my fingernails. I had it in a kleenex and I had saved in a zip lock sandwich bag all the ones I had been able to get the week prior. I knew unless I had a live one to show them they would just think I was a nut case. Finally I was validated. The Dr said "yes, that is a parasite" He said it was not lice, it was not a bed bug, not a flea, tick, not even any type that he had ever seen before. He was clueless as to what type of critter it was but did at least agree that he could see in my open sore on my head, which I had to scratch open asa they will not even take a scalpel and touch your head. I had to do all the work & present it to them on a silver platter. He sent all the ones I had off to lab. I saw GP yesterday, Thurs afternoon and my ER visit was last Fri. At ER he told me to go home and use RID over the counter shampoo. I did. They seemed to die immediately and the next day and for several days I was expelling them when I would go poop. I could see them in the toilet. They were exactly the same as the ones in my scalp only some were much larger. Some were just still larvae stage, looked like a pc of rice.. I thought it was over. Wed night, the night before my GP appt, the eggs must have hatched as all of a sudden the exact same place in my scalp they were back with a vengeance. It hurts very bad to scrape one out as they grow little spikes like a porcupine, it is a very strong sharp pain but you must get them out and take them yourself as for some reason the Docs will not even grab a pair of tweezers and remove one. The Doc in the ER said he could see the entire colony in my hrad all wiggling around but that he could not in any way remove them. Maybe that is considered surgery. I must go home & treat myself. But yesterday at GP I convinced him they were back and eggs had hatched even tho he said he could not see any I had to literally beg but he did rx a drug called "metronidazole" 500 mg to take 3 x a day for 10 days. I looked it up on web, looks like it is same as "flagyl" which is common parasite med and I do think that will be the end of these critters. That is all I can think of, sorry it was so gross but any of you needing help with this needed to know to not count on them to look qat yoour scalp & do any removal, you have to go in with proof or they will think you have a screw loose. Haven't we all been treated that way enough already??? It gets old.

    Ask away anything else I can tell you I will.

    Take care and God Bless,
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    I am so very sorry for all you have been through. There is no need to apologize; I'm just glad you are here. I answered your other post about these docs. I wish there were a list. There probably is one somewhere but none of the docs seem to know of one. Best of luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    I saw my GP yesterday and literally put the official "Full Report" it is titled that I found on the internet. I just typed in "Oxford University Peptide Synthesis" in Google and it took me right to the Medical Journal Report however it is not written in language any normal person would even begin to be able to figure out, it is ......I guess I would call it 'Doctor-speak' and I asked him if he would please read it and see if it is something that would be a viable option for me. How are you and the others finding a Doctor to do it? It does sound (what little I know) like perhaps Naturopathic Area? I think honestly these parasites have been munching on too many of my brain cells right now for me to understand anything, sometimes I feel like I have dementia and I just cannot seem to connect all the dots. I guess I just need to be patient and let the information come in, it just seems like there must be a website or a Foundation, an official name for this protocol even? Somewhere, a place to start, also, it does sound as if you all are having to pay out of pocket, Insurance does not cover it??

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    Dr. Dakos has his own website but it's been down. The FDA now insists that no one use the term, "peptide injections." He had to shut down his website to remove that term and change it to something like, "amino acid solutions." At least, the FDA didn't shut down the whole thing. In fact, they approved the treatment as long as no one uses the condemned term, "peptide injections."

    US pharmaceutical companies are in trials now for injections for RA and diabetes. They run the FDA, as well as congress, so the FDA likely wanted to leave the door open for Big Pharma to have their own injection treatments. Oxford is sooooo far ahead of Big Pharma after 30 years but with all the R&D money BP spends, it will likely catch up at some point. Oxford is now looking to produce sera for conditions like autism, ALS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, etc. This is a promising area of treatment.

    I only understand the treatment on a very basic level but I don't think I need to know more. It makes sense to me. RichVanK, a member here, is very smart and highly educated and I'm sure he has a much better understanding of it. He's been following those of us on the injections and likely has done research on it. He will probably chime in when he has something to add to the discussion.

    Love, Mikie

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