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    I thought I was alone in having so many aches and pains as a child. But from the post I have recieved I quess I am not.
    Someone wrote about gym class's that you had to run the half mile and do sprints and all of the Presidents esercise program I could barley do it and I would hurt for days.

    I sprained my ankle in high school carring the Lyre { The bells they are a triangle shaped instrument that when you hut it it sounds like bells and it was heavy } you guessed I , I tripped over my own feet and fell down a flight of stairs it was homecomming and the band was doing a long program for the half time and I marched through it and wanted to just die, I even went to the dance and was so greatful that it was formal as my ankle was purple but the dress hid it. But the pitches didn't I look like I felt like S^*(* it is so bad. I hate that pitcure.

    As I have looked back on this pain that has no reason , I have wondered what did I do to get this , had I done something wrong? STill no one I know now has this or understands that justs standing to load my dishwasher hurts to stand and my legs won't work after standing even for a few moments.

    I can't walk and the pain is so great that I want to just scream. I have heard my daughters friends ask what is wrong with oyour mom and my daughter says I don'tknow she just hurts all the time. And her friend said you can't have that bad of pain all the time. Well guess what I do and I can.
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    Just wanted to say Hi!
    Yes, it is hard to believe what we go through. Even our relatives don't understand. My dear DH was my best support. Kind, caring, loving but there were times with him as well.

    Read the boards, I'm just months new hear and have learned allot. Even went to a new doctor because of the great people here.

    If you want to add something new to whatever your regime is just do it one thing at a time so U know if it's working.

    Good luck and May God Bless
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