bump torn meniscus surgery

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    Hi everyone,
    Been having EXTRA knee pain for a month or so, went for a walk, pain so bad almost had to crawl home. Went to ER, said it was sprained, but had to follow up with Ortho. Ortho did MRI, torn meniscus & cyst. Having surgery to drain cyst and repair meniscus.....anyone else have this? I'm dreading the thought of the pain I will experience from the stress of surgery, etc.......
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    Hi Renny,
    My 77 yr. old mother just had that surgery, and did extremely well. I've had 2 surgeries on my R arm, and really did good. Really the pain wasn't any worse than the pain I already have. It's worth getting those problem's fixed.

    Good Luck,
  3. reeny64tang

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    Thank you. Have so much pain all the time all over - can't wait to see if the pain in my knee actually goes away after surgery. I sure hope so!! Thanks for answering me.
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    I had that surgery on both knees. Just be careful of one thing. They give you a spinal block for the surgery and the nurse sat me up before it wore off and I had terrible head fluid problems for 12 days. I had to lie prone and drink tons of water for it to clear up. Also I was unable to exercise the knees as one should. So I always warn people if you feel numb still do NOT sit up.

    The surgery itself was interesting as I watched on a screen. It took a while as it was both knees. The scars are just four tiny little holes you cannot really see. The results were fantastic. In fact I was thinking of having my right knee redone now as it is hurting again and it has been 22 years.

    I would say go ahead.

    Love Anne C
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    Ann talked about having to have a spinal for her surgery yrs. ago. They don't do that anymore. They scope your knee, not cut it open, and use localized anesthesia and meds to twilight you (put you to sleep). It's so much easier on you, you'll be amazed.

    I really didn't think my mom would do good, but she was up and walking the next day, and felt pretty good. She had pain, but with the meds they gave her, she did great.

    Like I said, I had 2 arm surgeries and did really well. I had terrible carpal tunnel and cupital tunnel. It was agony to use my R arm. The surgery made a huge difference in my being able to use that arm without terrible pain.

    I can't overuse my arm, and I'm not 100% without pain, they can't promise you that, but I'm so much better after surgery that I would do it again.

    Hope this help,
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    Dear Reeny,
    I had this surgery. Mine included arthritis spurrs under my knee cap, which were scraped off. I watched the surgery, escept for a few procedures, where I needed more pain meds, so I was put out. I had good results. I have been ale to walk, now for 15 years, since. I have pain sometimes, but them, the arthritis spurrs have come back. You don't have them, so it should go fine.Just be sure your surgeon has done lots and lots of these surgeries.

    I went to physical therapy for a month afterwards. As far as I know I already had CFS and my Fibro did't kick in until ater a surgery I had at a later date.

    I really enjoyed watching the operation. It's not bloody and is fascinating. They can also make a video for you to keep.

    Good luck.