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    Hi Rachel,

    I see you're hanging out here this morning, too. I just wanted to let you know that your positive energy is having a good effect on me. It's great to read your emails and feel that energy, knowing you're practically bedridden like me. You and a few others here are keeping my head out of the negative possibilities.

    I would love to be somewhere nearby you to meet for coffee. I'm like you and can't get moving enough for outings right now. I live near Seattle, though and my old money pit house pretty much owns me. When I was in elementary school my family lived in Dayton, OH.

    When we get well and come into large sums of money, I'm thinking a month long party at a really nice spa in New Mexico or Hawaii is in order. We could break out on the weekends and shop and dine in the closest tourist town. What's that called again? Oh yeah--my glass is half full, too.

    Take care!

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    separated at birth! LOL...
    Everything you just said about me, I feel exactly toward you. I'm really not this positive person I may appear to be (but I'm sure as heck trying to become her!!!!), but I know how impt it is to ACT positive in order to BE postive. You might be doing the same, who knows, cause your posts are always super upbeat and inspirational to me!

    Anyhoo...yeah, lady...get your bum to OHIO, or I'll get to where you are, somehow once we manage to get a TEENSY bit better. I don't know about you, but I'm seriously doing everything possible (even to the slightly weird and bizarre!) to try to find SOME help. I'd love to switch emails (and hey, I'm even up for phone # if you are...I have free unl long dist on my cell) to chat more. Why don't we meet in chat sometime really soon to swap whatever info you're comfy with?

    And hey...I know the exact perfect spot for our amazing getaway!!! Its a 5 star, ultra all inclusive (even to top shelf booze and spa treatments!), AMAZING resort in mexico...its where I got married actually. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
    And also, amazing cultural schtuff right nearby, amazing native art shopping, etc..the whole works! I can even send you piccies if you really want to work on positive thinking and visualization with me! LOL

    Now, our big challenge is coming up with BRILLIANT idea to make all this MOOLA that is so desperately needed! I actually just had a fantastic idea for invention (I know...what a longshot, right?), but still need to check and see if its already patented, etc....totally open to idea of partner in crime if it becomes even the slightest possiblity. Plus, I've been mulling over some other ideas, maybe you want to collaborate on in some way. I am really not digging this POOR thang, at all! And I can't think of a better way to celebrate an amazing winfall than treating you (+ families, maybe?) to a spectacular getaway or vice versa..which ever of us happens to win the lotto, right? Gosh, just talking like this gives me a sliver of hope! But hey...we are brilliant capable women who just so happen to be somewhat incapable of movement! (rolling on floor laughing, at this point!)....I'm positive we can come up witb some unique amazing way to blow our hubbies away with how much we can make, and how much fun we can have doin it!

    Talk to u very very soon...can't wait. But if don't go spend time with Wonder Husband v soon he'll be all snarfy. I actually made him breakfast in bed this morning, with flowers from garden and everything (hey, the effort dang near killed me, but he's worth it and usually waits on me hand and foot...so it was worth it!) so I don't wanna ruin any romantic-al momentum we have going. Is all rainy and funky here, so might just be curl up on couch and movie day.

    Hope yours is fabulous...talk soon!

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    Maybe we can try chat on Monday? I'm not very good at it because my head has gone soft or something. I reply so slowly that 10 other people have said something by the time I post.

    Another way you can contact me is through our internet store. The name of the store is in my profile. Just do a google search and it will pop up. Send me a contact seller note with your email address and I'll get right back to you.

    Have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean? I just love Johnny Depp. I watched it yesterday. I had to stay on the couch with my feet elevated and the movie was just what I needed. I'm about 10, no make that 15, years behind on movies, so I have many options!

    Looking forward to talking with you soon!

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    Hey there, Francie...

    OOOOOHHHHH>>>>> Johnnie Depp is one of my all time faves...ever since "21 Jump ST"...man, just writing that made me feel ancient! lol...I'll tell you a teensy secret. In high school, before I met my Wonder Husband, I actually dated a guy named Joel who was a flat out dead wringer for Depp. No lie..people used to stop us in the streets! Of course, he was a brain dead yahoo, so that didn't last (but lemme tell you, I probably woulda broken up long before that if he hadn't been so dang pretty!). I love Pirates of Carribean...Just really really excellent movie. Also, there's a Pirates...restaurant in the Disney in California (if memory serves...it often doesn't, these days!). I remember really digging it bigtime, but this too was many moons ago!

    I did have a tiny issue, however, with Wonder Husband's Evil-Ex (and this isn't just jealous bitterness...she's truly evil! lol) allowed our children to watch it! This might not be a big deal for some kids, but our kids just have a very low "scare" threshold for some reason! This was when the movie very first came out, and our youngest was 3 years old!!! Gave the poor lad hardcore nightmares for weeks, and even our oldest who was 5 still talks about the "scary movie" experience! Isn't it funny how age truly affects perception of things like that?!

    And if you're looking for a really really excellent movie to rent, Wonder Husband and I just watched CRASH (with Don Cheadle...he's brilliant...and just totally allstar cast). This movie was so amazingly done and so incredibly moving. Whew. Wonder Husband even got choked up many times! It's basically abt racial intolerance and stereotypes, and all the WRETCHED ways that people can treat each other in this world, but still somehow managed to be remarkably hopeful and joyous. I can say that I've been this emotionally affected by only about 5 movies in life (and I am a nutty movie buff...anytime you want a recommendation, you know where to come). Some of the others that were amazing and had just a real emotional impact on me were AMERICAN HISTORY X, PAY IT FORWARD (which is also just a very cute movie)...couple of others, but can't think of them now. So, if you're looking for a good movie, there's some options. and both am hist x and pay it... are years old. Should both be in the snazzy 99cent section of video store! lol Oh...didn't mention it before, but none of the three of those movies would be in any way appropriate for your little guy! Not really a "family movie night" kind of thing, if you're gonna give any of those movies a whirl.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And yep. I have to sit on couch longways, with a flattish squarish pillow under my knees and about 5 pillows placed just so around me to comfortably (or not so comfortably!) watch a movie..but at least we make the effort, right?

    Happy trails...

    And Francie...in no way shape or form should you stress in the slightest in ability or inability to chat or type or whatnot...I write MARATHON posts due to fact that A)I'm naturally a total blabbermouth and B)keeping so distracted and my hands busy is really helping me with trying to not focus CONSTANTLY on how much I hurt, or on how much I still want a ciggy (just quit 3 weeks ago aft 16 yrs). Its all abt doing what you can, right?

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