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    bump I have been seeing my doctor for 4yrs ,he has been writing me perscriptions for tylox for my fibromyalgia pain ,now all of a sudden he says he is not going to write it anymore.no explanation or anything ,we started out trying all kinds of painkillers but they did not work.so when we got to tylox he decided to prescribe that,what am i suppose to do now run to emergency room every few days?PLEASE if someone knows a good doctor that truly knows about fibromyalgia in Rock Hill,South Carolina,or surrounding areas ,i am from Lancaster,South Carolina ,only insurance i have is medicaid . i desperatley need a good doctor,please reply soon.

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    wow and why? too weird! so its just oh go suffer? how can any dr do that? find a pain clinic. have you tried methadone/morphine? im on oxycodone but soon my dr going to put me on oxyconin 10mg 3xday , but still too low of a dose!!! i really dont know how or why the dr can just cold turky you???? id go to another dr but be careful your always seen as a drug seeker !!! lots of luck! i feel for you!! in the mean time take ibuprofen to take the edge off. BLKKAT
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    Maybe your doctor got audited or something and was reprimanded for prescribing so many narcotics.

    Also, I know this is WRONG and judgmental of the government, but I also think the review Medicaid files and if they see all the expensive narcotics, they write-up the doc for it and he has to quit prescribing or face fines, or loss of his license. The government is also looking to cut costs--no matter what the cost to the citizens!

    You might ask your doc if he would prescribe some Ultram or Ultracet (I think the generic is Tramadol). It is a non-narcotic often prescribed for fibro. Then for your breakthrough pain, take 600 mg of Ibuprofen.

    You can not run to the ER every few days because you would be labeled a drug seeker for sure!

    Have a frank discussion with your doctor to find out exactly why he decided that he could no longer prescribe the Tylox for you. Do it in a non-accusatory tone and he should be willing to be honest with you.

    Good luck.

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    I'm so sorry your doctor is doing this to you. Am I to understand he's not giving you a chance to find another doctor before cutting you off?? That's downright cruel!! I know the docs are getting really paranoid about prescribing pain relievers. Do you have a pain management clinic near you? That's what my docs sent me to when I was at the max on the ultram (tramadol). Ultram does alot of good for some people. Might want to see if he'll prescribe you that.(At least until you find another dr.) I"m lucky enough to have a good pain management clinic nearby and hope you do too!!!
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    I refuse to take pain meds because of the side effects, so I can't offer much advice in the med department. I do take Tramatol..and it does help me...but I only take it when I can't stand the pain much more (level 8 or 9). This is not a prescription and unlike prescription meds, I don't experience any side effects. However, it's not very strong.

    Yes, the gov't. puts restrictions on doctors who prescribe pain meds and it's the pits. But, some people do abuse pain meds and that's the cause...so, people like yourself suffer as the result. My heart goes out to you....
  6. Cromwell

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    I am sorry I don't. I do not know what tylox is, but has this doctor got worried about narcotics? Some docs are just neurotic about it but usually with patients they don't know. After four years he should know you well enough to know you are not abusing.

    Pain docs are sometimes easier about prescribing as they have special scrip machines here in NY that keep tabs on them, and most do take medicaid here in NY.

    I would firstly make another appt wiht your present doctor and ask what the problem is it could be that medicaid has been bothering him re the scrip. In any case docs know you have to wean down on meds. Maybe he just was having an overreaction.

    I hope someone can help. Keep bumping up your post for reply.

    Love Anne Cromwell

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