Bumps on Chest and Back

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    Does anyone have skin eruptions,,,not sure what they are. It's not acne or hives, but, bumps that sometimes itch. I had CFS 10 years ago, had a long remission and for the last 2 years have had CFS/FM again. Both times I was plagued with this. I have asked a couple of doctors about them and since they are really not causing me alot of trouble and I have so many other things bothering me, I'm really not getting an answer. Going for allergy testing on Wednesday, hope maybe this may hold some answers,,,perhaps something I am ingesting may be bringing this on. Tulip
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    yes I get them and so does my husband. Our doc believes it is the coxsackieb virus. so far nothing has been done to relieve the symptoms. they are like pimples that itch and i scratch open. they are not pussy at all. they then turn into crusty low patches. yuk! get better.
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    I did do a search on folliculitis and found information that leads me to believe it is Pityrosporum Folliculitis found on chest, back, and shoulders. I found it quite interesting that the cause of this is overgrowth of yeast as I am currently reading Dr. Crook's book "The Yeast Connection". Tulip
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    Hi Betsy,

    I am going for allergy testing tomorrow and maybe, just maybe I can also get in to see the doc about this. Will let you know if we're on the right track. As I said before these "bumps" seem like minor symptoms compared to the fatigue and pain that I have been experiencing lately, however, I somehow feel it is related to the "big picture".

    I too struggle with the carbs and sugar,,,,I have found encouragement in this site to try harder to eliminate these. I have read that sugar and carbs can be addicting and I sure do have to agree with that. I am trying very hard to watch the sugar and white flour, but, a piece of homemade apple pie crossed my path yesterday and I crumbled. Before I knew it I was into the poptarts too. I'd put them in the trash if the kids didn't like them so much.

    I am relatively new this and don't know what herxing means, could you please explain. Thank you again, Tulip
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    Finally went to dermatologist,I was getting it around hairs,more recently. She told me it was foliculitis too.

    As a child had them on upper arms and legs. Doc told me I might need more greens in diet. He might have been right I hated greens then. Now I eat alot of greens. Still have them though.

    I got cellulitis from imbedded hair, almost killed me. It was spreading up to sinus cavity around eye. If it travled to brain there was nothing they can do then. I was on heavy duty anti`s. Had to hope for the best. Finally it drained.I got a cup of drainage from face.

    So now I am very careful when it happens in head region.

    They gave me cream for it but has not helped.

    I was a sweet lover. I eat very little breads etc. anymore.
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    My bumps are on my upper arms. They are like acne in a way but they are dry. Every doc I have mentioned this too has ignored it, and since it isn't anything that causes pain I guess I ignore it too. It is rather irritating though. I once had a beautician tell me that I have two hairs in each of my follicles rather than one. (My eyebrows are bushy) So I wonder if this could be the folliculitis (sp) on my arms. If so is there a treatment for them? They really bug me even if they arent painful.
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    and he is perplexed, wants to do a biopsy on a couple on 6/9. Meanwhile I went to the local healthfood store where there is some pretty knowledgable staff and their feelings were that it was caused by yeast overgrowth. Sold me goldenseal tea to cleanse system, Pau D'Arco tea to drink and also apply the warm tea bag to bumps and tea tree oil. Hhmmmmmmmm, hoping it works prior to 6/9 when I have the biopsies. Best of luck to all and thank you for your responses. Tulip
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