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    You know what? Compliments about how someone likes the way we turn (or twist, lol) a phrase such as the F I B (friends in bodies) I think I may have invented do more for us most of the time than our non-understanding drs, "normals," and a lot of F I Bs who flat just don't Get It.

    Those people may try but as someone already said "If you don't have it, you can't really understand it." Even reading books about us and what we deal with might not help as much as we wish they would.

    Current doc here appears to have uh gee maybe fibbed when he told me he had several CF/Fibro people on his list when I interviewed him: last time I had to explain again that unopenable sinuses, sore throats, infected lymphs, exhaustion are part of the unwanted gift that keeps on giving he came up with "Have you cut your hands recently?"

    Yeah. I got such a gash into my hand and didn't notice or pay attention to red infection streaks racing up my arm to settle in that arms' lymph node...and he didn't notice it either, despite the fact I see him at least once and sometimes twice a month.
    Sure. If I'd done something like that, does he really think I'm so stupid that I wouldn't have gone to him and asked for his help? I figure he could help with a cut hand; it seems he certainly doesn't "get" M E/Fibro.

    Hoo boy, would I love to find a new dr. One who understands. My fingers have done the walking through all physician listings in the phone book and either the answer to my question about "Does dr accept my insurance?" or "Does dr know how to treat M E and/or Fibro?," was no. Oh, curse!!

    Again it seems I've derailed my train of thought.

    Thanks, Bunchy, for sending your reply! I can't help but be curious if your DH read what I wrote.

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    I like your posts - you write well...ever thought of writing as a hobby? (when the brain fog/fatigue aren't so bad).

    No I haven't shown post to DH - he's so tired from work at the moment - it's all he can do to come home, cook something, shower and flop in front of the TV before crashing out cold into bed.

    I will get around to showing it to him some day soon.

    Keep the entertaining posts coming :)

    Love Bunchy x

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