Bunion surgery

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nastaranjune, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Today I had an appointment with a pediatrist to go forward for surgery because it has been a constant source of pain. He told me that there is a small chance with patients with FM to have a heightened pain or pain overdrive after any surgery especially bunnion surgery. I am a nurse and have FM, and I never heard that before.

    My question is, is there any one with FM/CF in that situation or have heard of someone who did? I has gotten me scared. Also, I have heard it is a very painful surgery, but the surgeon said it is minor and there would not be any need for me for any extra dose of pain??? That really did not sit well with me, as when I had vaginal surgery a few years back , my doctor told me that I would not need any extra meds, and when I woke up aparently I screemed and cried with pain, and they had a horrific time to get my pain managed, and I don't even remember that.

    Please give me any info or self experience if you can. Bless you and thanks so much.
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    I too had both of my bunions done many years ago, in the early 1980's.
    One was done by a podiatrist and the other an orthopedic surgeon. The one by the "ortho" dr. went well and has remained well. Everything about it was different from the precedure from the podiatrist dr. The surgery done by the podiatrist has grown back somewhat. I mean by that, my big toe is curved again, but no pain in them at all. It is hereditary and my Mom's was bad too.
    This was all before I was diagnosed with Fibro. too. Hope your surgery goes well. For me, I do know that after I had my knee replacement in 2008, my Fibro. pain increased alot from being sedendary of no choice, not being able to move around and work. Anyway, I can no longer work from having both of these issues now. As I said before, this is just my situation. Everyone's body reacts differently.

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