Bunions anyone?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fibrobutterfly, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. I posted this on the health board but only one response.Does anyone have them and if so what helps them? I am desperate! I bought a $450 pr of orthodics. I have worn them for a wk, it helps a slight bit so far. I think part of the problem is my feet are retaining fluid, I am taking a water pill though. I really don't want the surgery. I am having knee replacement as it is. GEEE WHIZ! I wonder if any of those pads they sell help or ??? anything? Darn between fibro/arthritis and now this ! Enough already!

    sorry for the bummer topic. sigh!
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    37 years ago.Was in the hospital for five days!!!Now it's day surgery! Before the surgery my feet REALLY hurt in the bunion area...all these years later my feet still don't hurt where the bunions were,However... I have other foot issues equally as bothersome and my bunion appear to be coming back! I think it's a geneticpre dispostion,my daughter had bunion surgery as well,neither of us wore high heels! Jeanne
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    I hope you watched that TV show THE DOCTORS this past week because they discussed bunions. If not, you can probably go on their online site and get information from there.
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    I was born with bunions, i can remember going to the public pool when young and having schoolmates ask what was on the side of my big toe. they were especially painful when i was in school, because we couldnt afford to get extra wide shoes, we got what we got, but when i was old enough to make my own money and get insurance i had surgery on my left foot, but unfortuneatly i picked a lemon of a doctor and had to have it redone 2 years later, by a much better doctor, i havent had my right foot done, but i think about it, its hard to find comfortable shoes, and i get blisters all the time from them rubbing against the side of the shoes, what i would say to you is get a good podiatrist, and have surgery, thats the only way you will get relief, just make sure you ask around and dont go to the first one you see in the telephone book like i did the first time ive tried the pads, but they didnt help, maybe they will you, maybe their not as bad as mine, what they are, are calcuim buildup, actually bone, when i wear shoes, you can see where the indentation is on my shoe from my bunion good luck

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