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  1. Texas Jackie

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    This is Jackie from DFW. I have a question, would you see Dr M first or would I need to see Dr R before going to another see Dr M?

    Have not had the testing done, but have all the symptoms. My doctor doesn't treat Lyme. Says it is too complicated for her to treat. Suggested there was a Dr in the Grapevine area, but heard he gave a lot of supplements and was very expensive. I said I think I know who you are talking about.


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    Call Dr M. and see what they say. They have been pretty overwhelmed, and are sending a few ppl to a Dr W (?) in Denton, who was/is an OBGYN, but treats Lyme b/c his whole family has it as well. Dr R is super-good, but treats only naturally. Some believe that Samento and Rife are enuf, and it did help me, but I think maybe moreso in the ppl that have not had it decades, so I went to Dr M b/c I felt like I wanted to do long term Abx. Dr M is excellent, I have no complaints.

    If you have trouble with Abx, then Dr R is the right person for you, and she is reasonable, in my book, as well. The Rife treatments are just $20.

    Your Dr is right, Lyme is very complicated to treat, and it also depends on which body systems are involved, etc. Mine was a lot of neuro, and arthritis, and altho the neuro has improved a lot, the arthritis seems here to stay. :(

    If you haven't read Stephen Buhner's book "Healing Lyme", I highly reccommend it. It will give you a ton of insite.

    Best of luck in your treatments. It is a long road, for sure.

  3. Texas Jackie

    Texas Jackie New Member

    Thanks so much!

    My daughter works in Dention at Baylor in the OB department, I check with her and see if she knows a doctor that treats lyme. She did tell me that there was a doc whose wife had either lyme or fibro, and he sent her to some other doc for treatment.

    I will get the Buhner book.


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