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    Hi all

    My pain consultant wants to start using this medication in a very low dosage administered by a stick-on patch.

    Anyone any experience of same? He says it may make me feel sick for a while but shouldn't be a problem thereafter. However, he also says as I begin to tolerate the dosage I'll need to keep stepping it up. I'm only 52 and this sounds like a life-sentence of taking this drug and I'm anxious about it.

    Any thoughts?

    Music Teacher (UK)
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    for this response.

    Bumping to see if there are anymore, given the speed at which the board moves now.

    Take care
    Music Teacher (UK)
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    we use it in the veterinary field for pain relief in major sx. but we use injectable.
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    to all who have replied.

    Much appreciated.

    Hugs to all
    Music Teacher (UK)