burning before + after urinating

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    I have a problem with burning before + after urinating. I have had my urine tested twice + no problem so am assuming it is a bladder problem. I told my Dr. about it + he asked me if I would like to see a urologist. Then he proceeded to tell me that it was a painful test + even worse on men (as if I was interested about that at this point) He gave me the name of a urologist but do not feel comfortable with anyone he told me about. I have started having sharp pains in my lower right side and am wondering if this is telling me that I should see a specialist. What are your opinions on this? Thanks! Clueless
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    I have chronic yeast and bladder infections which I believe can be a part of our fibro. I also know exactly the feelings that you are experiencing.

    DO see a urologist! If you don't trust your doctor, than ask others you know, or call your local medical society and ask for referals.

    There are some conditions that can contribute pain in the vulva area. Put that word in the search box and you will probably find information regarding these issues!

    I feel your pain!



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    Absolutely see a Urologist. If the pain is progressing up your side, then your ureter is involved. What were they testing your urine for? It sounds like a urinary tract infection but it could be Candida overgrowth, too. I don't know if they would automatically test for that. Meanwhile, start drinking lots of cranberry juice. I noticed in the health food stores that there is a cranberry supplement. I think it is for the urinary tract.

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    For three months now I've gone through the same thing. Went to my family physician and of course he did test on the urine and urinary tract infection (get used to calling it UTI) was his diagnosis. Gave me antibiotics and sent me home. Two weeks later I was back again and he sent me to a Urologist. He didn't see any traces of blood in the urine so wah lahh he thought I needed a professional.

    Okay so we run through a barage of tests and he doesn't find anything. I get massive pain and more burning before and after urinating.....go to emergency room. PA (mind you not a full fledged dr yet but atleast she was female) says it could be a couple of things and gives me one pill for bladder spasms and another antibiotic. Makes me feel a little better for awhile but then pain doesn't quite go away.

    I get angry (as usual) and look online. I find a condition called interstitial cystitis on www.webmd.com and tuh duh I have some answers. I have obviously stumbled on another condition (like fibromylagia) that doctors are not comfortable saying the word much less thinking we might have it. Does this surprise me since I've had 8 years of thinking I'm crazy I just ring another thing up to "more fun and games".

    Not saying this is what you have but the more research I do on my own the more information I get. I wouldn't know about fibromyalgia if I hadn't gone out there and got the answers on my own. I'd still be thinking I was just plain nuts.

    Please take charge of your medical care because the medical professionals sure haven't given me much peace of mind.

    I hope this helps someone.

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    I get the same thing from time to time, then it goes away. When it's bad, I drink lots of cranberry juice. It always makes me panic somewhat because I think what started me off on this whole thing was years of bladder and kidney infections on a nearly monthly basis when I was 4-7 years old. But I have never seen a doctor about it, and it always goes away after a couple of days. Sounds like yours is worse, so I would definitely see a urologist. Discomfort or not, it's better to know than to let something get worse until you have a serious problem.
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    First off, GO SEE THE UROLOGIST! I went through the same experience and the pain was horrendous. I went to one doctor and was tested for UTI and test came back negative. I went to another doctor and the same thing happened but he realized something was wrong, thus he sent me to a urologist.

    It turns out, I did have a UTI but one that is difficult to detect with regular tests. I was put on a very strong anti-biotic (I can't remember the name of it, offhand) and a couple of medications for the pain, that were different from regular pain medications. This pain medicine turned my pee blue :O

    The important thing is I was cured!

    There are other important things to consider concerning your problem, as well. There is a diagnosis called Interstitial Cystitis, which consists of all of the symptoms you described. It is not curable but definitely treatable.

    You just need to find out so please do not put off seeing the urologist. You do not want it to get worse than it already is, clue.



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    Hi clueless,

    I've been experiencing the exact same thing.

    First off, with the urine analysis, they always came back with infection and blood in the urine. Antibiotics were given, Cipro, Levaquin, and Sulfa..., all of which the tests can come back and say which antiobiotic the infection is sensitive to. Blood was never visible, only through the microsopic tests of the urine did it show up. Also with a "dip stick" type strip, some doctors have in their offices. The antibiotics would clear it up for a while, then I'd be back in the same boat. This has been going on since June '02. From then up until the last few months, I didn't have the burning before and after.

    Now .. get the burning before and after.

    Went to a GYN a couple of weeks ago, he took a urine specimen, and of course the exam, he look for a herniated bladder .. didn't find that. His strip, indicated infection. His lab report came back, "no growth." Yet I was taking the new and improved version of Cipro he prescribed, Ciprofloxacin 500 mg. 2x day. He told me it was the same as Cipro. After the first day of this, I was getting nausiated with it. It progressed into diahrrea, and finally extreme diahrrea (sp?) and throwing up. After seven days of this, I called him and said I can't take this medicine, it's different from the regular Cipro. I don't know how, but it is! Then I was told, I didn't have any infection according to the lab report (they could have called and told me that). Yet, symptoms persist. They then told me next step is a Urologist. I said: give me the name of one in my insurance plan (was without insurance from March of '02 through April '03, and couldn't afford fancy tests, urologist, etc.) Okay, so they did.

    I'm now scheduled to see a Urologist on October 1st. I must say that I'm scared and afraid of what he may find, but things like this cannot go on forever. And I can't put up with it much longer either. Too much other stuff goes on and is endured.

    I agree with the many posts, get to that Urologist.

    Sorry this is so long. This has been a long time ongoing for me, and guess I felt I needed to fill in some background.

    Take care of yourself,

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    Thanks to all of you for your input. I also have an almost hatred for doctors after some of them I`ve seen. I am in the midst of trying to change GP`s. My pain specialist gave me the name of one and have been trying to figure out how to set up an appointment with her.Maybe I will see her for the urination problem and hope she will send me to a urologist and not just order another urine test. "It is like being between a rock and a hard place" I have wasted all this time because I dislike going to a doctor so very much. Thanks again! will let you know how I make out. Clueless
  9. Tunes

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    Hi again Clueless,

    I don't know your particular situation pertaining to the general practioner, but if you are in an HMO, I would like to suggest something. Choice is yours, of course.

    Personally, I wouldn't wait for the GP to suggest I see a Neurologist. With the HMO scenario, I was given the name of a Urologist who participates in our plan, called, made an appointment for 10/1, and then called the Primary and said I needed a referral to be sent to this Urologist.

    I don't like going to doctors either. However, guess they are definitely needed. We also are going to be changing the Primary right after I see him on the 26th of this month. He's been among the missing for about a month and a half, office staff and nurse are hardly ever there. Doctor's away, Mice will Play? I finally got in touch with the receptionist yesterday, and told her I needed a referral, no ifs, no ands, no buts. She was complaining they had so much paperwork to do. Told her it didn't surprise me, they are hardly ever there!

    Last I actually saw the Doctor, when he told me the blood work indicated low sodium, increase salt intake, he also indicated that urinalysis showed blood in the urine. However, even though he has all the past records of urinalysis reports, HE didn't suggest a Neurologist. I'll just bet your GP won't either. Correct me always if I'm wrong. However, I think we all have to take charge of our own care. Your GP will get over it!

    Take care,
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    Hi clueless,

    You have an obvious infection, ~ don`t need a medical "expert" to tell you.

    Self treatment:-

    Cranberry Juice and a clove of raw garlic with food daily.

    Simple as that.

    Love Pat.
  11. chubby

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    This is from an email newsletter by DR. Jonathan Wright which I receive. I've never tried this, but thought it might possibly be helpful. Chubby


    Approximately 90 percent of all bladder infections are caused by E. coli bacteria. (The E. coli I'm referring to here are normal inhabitants of all human and animal intestinal tracts. They are not the same as the food-contaminating, deadly,mutant E. coli bacteria.) And while most physicians will throw an antibiotic at you for a bladder infection, antibiotic use can disrupt the body's normal micro flora, which may eventually cause a breakdown in your immune system.

    But you can eliminate this painful condition in just a few
    days -- without putting your immune system at risk. There's a natural (and quite safe) simple sugar found in cranberry
    juice (pineapple juice too) called D-mannose that actually
    has the ability to detach E. coli from the walls of the
    bladder without upsetting the balance of the friendly
    bacteria necessary for good health.

    After being loosened from bladder walls, the bacteria are
    rinsed away by normal urination. The E. coli aren't killed;
    they're simply relocated -- "from the inside to the outside" -
    - and the infection is gone.

    So all those times I ran out and bought a gallon of cranberry juice, I was actually using a form of D-mannose therapy without even knowing it. But unfortunately Dr. Wright told me that these juices don't contain enough D-mannose to be significantly effective against serious infections. Plus, most of the varieties you'll find in the supermarket have added sugar, which causes its own set of problems.

    You can get D-mannose through compounding pharmacies, in many natural food stores, and through many health care
    practitioners. Dr. Wright recommends 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful of D-mannose, dissolved in water and taken every 2 to 3 hours for adults. This mixture will eliminate almost any bladder infection caused by E. coli.