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  1. eyesofpassion

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    Has anyone ever experienced burning on the bottom of the feet? I am a type 2 diabetic and lately when i go to bed my feet burn. Is this a sign of neuropathy? Any help would be appreciated. Melissa
  2. Staceymarie

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    Melissa, I have had my feet to burn as well. That along with the 50 other symtoms I have. I've not been diagnosed with Diabetes although my doc said my sugar was high the last time he tested my blood. I'm curious to know why it happens as well.
  3. Applyn59

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    Yes, I get burning feet. I think others do as well.
    I also have herniated disc and back problems, so
    I don't know if it's that or FMS for me. I know it is
    a symptom of FMS though.

  4. crissyfamily

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    Hi eyesofpassion << pretty name >>

    My feet burn really bad and are swollen and I feel like I have really bad arthritis in my feet when I get up in the morning and can hardly walk. I also got peripheral neurapthy right after this all started...like within 6 weeks my feet were feeling strange. My husband who got this right before me and my daughters also have burning feet but not so bad. They don't have peripheral neurapathy either, but they do have hypercoagulation problems.

    My husband has been on antiobotics a little longer than me and I we both have hypercoagulation but I am worse - he says that his feet hardly hurt anymore. And that was prior to starting heparin last week. He has been on cipro for about 3 months now, so maybe that is helping....my feet still burn and sting and toes badly swollen and red/blue weird looking....(thought you might like a visual - but it ain't a pretty sight) and I used to think I had pretty feet even for a size 10!!!!

    Well, I don't know that i helped you, but I agree it is not a good feeling!!! I'll post to the board (P.S. Kalina is doing this treatment also as we go to the same doc in dallas, tx. and we are going to write in our dairies 1 time a week how our treatment is going and how we feel, etc.) as we get farther into our heparin treatment that we started last week and we start on lumbrokinease (spelling?) tomorrow along with the cipro we have been taking since late march. well, i know i was ramblin on and it probably didn't make sense. so i'd best go to bed now and get some sleep if at all possible.

    P.S. I am not a diabetic, at least not yet...but with the rate this things moves, who knows..... My sister is on the suzanne somers diet to lose weight because she is insulin resistance and our great doc (an internist/endocronologist/
    holistic/studied Chinese herbs) is giving her and her daughter who has insulin resistance also, a herb or something to help build up her pancreas. It sounds like when the pancrease gives out you have huge big time problems. Our doc says you can turn it around prior to become full blown diabetic. If you need or want to know what that herb or enzyme may be, I'll find it in notes that i take for her office visits and post what it is here if you want it..

    take care....crissy
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  5. FM_DD

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    Hi, I have Fibro and DDD and have had burning/hot feet since childhood. I haven't thought about it being part of FM until I saw your post. This is something that I've had to deal with for a long time. I can't wear tennis shoes in the summer because of it, my feet burn so bad I can't stand it, and they will swell. I'm always sleeping with my feet out from the covers. I've tried lots of lotions/potions for this without any luck. Hope you find one!!!

  6. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    Yes mine started burning about 6 months ago. Feels like standing on hot coals or gravel. They hurt worse when I stand. They also are inflammed, & swollen.
    They are very sensitive to anything on them (socks) or touching them. A rug with bumps feels awful. Fleese feels like gravel. I have to wear cushioned slippers as often as possible.
    A big symptom for me is numbness and pins and needles.
    I've been to a podiatrist, neurologist, and orthopedic surgeon. I had a Nerve Conduction test done which came back negative. I had a lumber spine MRI-negative, tested for diabetes and it was negative.
    I was dX's with Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

    The nerve that runs down the back of the leg then on the INSIDE of the ankle and under the feet is compressed.
    If your feet hurt on the inside of the ankle and under the bottom this may be it. Burning, stinging, pins and needles.
    Nerve Conduction Tests shows up negative about 50% of the time even if you have it.
    My left foot feels cramped, tight and numb right now due to sitting!
    Geesh! I had to give up anything that requires standing or walking 15 min. to 1/2 hour. Even then...well you get the idea.
    I don't know if this is what any of you have but I just had to put in my two cents and vent a bit!
    Let me know if this relates to you. I know more about feet now than I ever wanted to.
    Planters Fasciatis <sp?> will cause severe pain when you walk FIRST thing in the morning then calms down a bit.
    The tendons need to be stretched back out as they tighten during the night or resting. TTS get's worse as you move around.
    Okay, Sorry so long,
    Hope your feet recover. I have also heard that B-12 is worth trying. I guess the best type is methycobalamin <SP?>
    Take Care,