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  1. hoodnanny

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    i have a problem with my hands.....it has just started. my hands feel like they have been frozen and are thawing out....it gives them the feeling like they are burning. has anyone had that trouble and if so what did you do, and what may be the cause....

    thanks for some help. shirley
  2. jennypee

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    You poor thing-- I have burning hands too, and it's extremely painful and irritating. Mine feel like they are hugely swollen when I have the burning pain, but they're not. They're also really stiff and hard to use. Whenever I've complained to my doctors about it they do the little in office neuro tests and tell me not to worry about it.


    All I've found for relief is holding my hands flat against ice packs. Massage or movement of any kind really irritates it for me. (my pain drugs don't touch it)

    I'm so sorry to be of such little help! Good luck!