Burning in brain and lower spine

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mamafrey1, Mar 2, 2003.

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    Hi everyone, i experienced these sypmtoms a couple of times last fall. They went away but returned the other night. I started out feeling like the weather was going to change last week, linked this to my fibro, then i started the dizzy spells friday and muscle cramps in my abdomen, then when i woke up that night i had this burning feeling in my brain and up my spine, i got up and had basically lost control from my elbows down and was walking weird, really nauseated, my lips were also numb and hot. Took my meds, woke up totally exhausted yesterday, slept most of the day as with today. My left side of my head feels numb and i feel off balanced also shakey. Has anyone else experienced this? My dr. thought ms at one point then changed his mind. I did have blood work done last week and will follow up with it this week. Just am curious if anyone else has had this. Thanks once again.
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    I had these same symptoms Oct/01. It is horribly scarey - thought perhaps I had a stroke. You may want to go to the ER to have this checked out, if only for peace of mind. I did at the time and they could not explain it, other than letting me know there was no physiological explanation for it (no stroke). I too was tested for MS (MRI was negative). I would not stress over this but please definatly have this checked.

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    syndrome. I was too weak to do anything and just laid there during the whole fall of 2000, too weak to move. Only got up to go potty. Husband was very concerned and so I finally went to the doctor about 3 1/2 months into the thing. You know, they always say that "flu" word and even tho I told him it felt like my head and back were a radiator with hot and cold alternating throughout and I thought I was gonna die he just looked off in the distance over my shoulder, as only my PCP can, and said something about, here, take these and call in 2 weeks if not better.

    He did some blood tests, I believe but did not order brain scan until 2nd trip in.

    I give up on doctors. I still get a smaller degree of same symptoms but everything moves around and becomes different. The main thing is, it never leaves!!

    I have had many times I thought I was just gonna die but the next morning there my miserable self was. So I do identify with what you described and you are the first person I've actually "run into" who stated it so similarly. Scary, huh?

    Am here for you, sending good thoughts your way.

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    Hi Mamafrey1,
    I have Lyme Disease, and the more and more I get to know about Lyme Disease, CFS, and Fibromyalgia, I think it is possible that a lot of people with the last two illnesses actually have the first. The symptoms are the same. I had the burning in my brain and my whole spine. I had fatigue, hearing irregularities, decrease in vision, weakness in my arms and legs, a quivering tongue, and lots more. But anyway, using antibiotics and aromatherapy has helped to clear a lot of that up. I think this approach could help a lot of fibro sufferers also.

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    Well i am very disappointed in my dr. Like i said i had a couple of bouts with this last fall to. Went to see him today and explained everything, he told me he would treat me for a ear infection even though it didn't look like it. He did this the last time. He also said it could be MS or it couldn't, but if it was there isn't anything they can do about it except treat me as he has been doing. I still feel the pressure on the side of my head, he can't explain it. Told me they symptoms are very real but if i went to any other dr. they would say it was all in my head. I am so mad. Am thinking of calling a neurologist myself. thanks for all the support. I dont know what i would do with out you guys. I feel so alone here. Everyone have a nice week. Thanks again, mamafrey