burning in my feet and ankles

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    For two years I have been struggling with extream pain in my feet and ankles.

    My family doctor diagnosed me with planters asheitis (or however you spell it) means my tendon in my leg is not long enough and is causing great strain on the tendon as it raps around my heal and into my arch.

    However I also have bad pain in my ankles that is with me 75% of the year (I believe this may be fibro not sure)

    My family doctor told me to do stretches 3 times a day to help with the tendon pain but it does not help. He said that we might have to do surgery if it doesn't calm down.

    I wonder if the tendon is not maybe a fibro relaited thing because this to subsides for around 2 months this last year.then out of the blue it came back.

    Has anyone else had this pain in there feet and also at night when I take the pressure off my feetafter being on them for all day hurt worse.

    Also in the AM I can not walk right off I have to work at it.

    Any ideas,

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    this pain in my feet is causing me some great troubles my job is on my feet all day long from 7AM TO 10PM.... i HAVE LEARNED NOT to sit down for breaks cause of the pain on getting up.

    This is why I have posted this. I am also scared of surgery on my feet they have always been very sensitive and im not sure how fibro would react with surgery.

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    check out hayleycoles and nanjees posts on cmp and trigger points. good luck charlene
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    I have read the trigger and tenter point threads and they are real informative.

    IM not sure if im suffering from a one track mind and can't see out of the box.

    but im not seeing how trigger point information is helping. Im not seeing the relavence. Sorry ;( I wish I could.....

    I know my brain can be slow sometimes..... and even slower other times... please be more pacific if possible.

    I have another doctors appointment on Monday and IM sure we will be talking about surgury.

    And when it comes to that my doctor here thinks Fibro is a wast basket so he would never look there.

    I have looked for other doctors in my area who treat FM and CFS but I have not yet found one on any lists. My Fibro and Fatigue doctor is 600 miles away. And is not a general practioner so when it comes to my pain in the feet I have to go to the doctor who don't understand fibro.

    Thank you and Im sorry im not sure how realizing I have either tendor points or trigger points possabley in my feet help me figure out how I can get rid of the pain.

    If this is affending anyone it is not ment to I just am not understanding at this time. Don't give up on me. ;)

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    A physical therapist or massage therapist trained in myofascial release/trigger point therapy could tell you if you have trigger points and treat them if you do. This might be a good thing to check out before undergoing surgery.
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    I was going to a podiatrist for my feet, because they hurt so bad and he diagnosed me with plantar fascitis. I was going for 6 months and nothing was helping. It finally dawned on me that it was all related to FMS and the podiatrist was never going to be able to help me with that. I quit going and got my Dr. to up my Neurontin and that and staying off my feet as much as possible helped the most with the pain.

    That may or may not be your problem, but FMS can cause painful feet too.

    Take care, Sally
  7. rigby

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    I have had problems with this for years. So far I haven't had it as bad these past few years. There were day I could barely get out of bed. Sharon
  8. tobelct

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    Thank you all for your info. Im am sorry that anyone else would have to live with this discomfort.

  9. Susan07

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    I have had major pain in feet and ankles for years it feels like I'm walking on broken bones.

    I have planters fasciitis in both feet and tarsal tunnel syndrome in right ankle.

    My podiatrist didn't want to operate on my tarsal tunnel until a neurologist had tested to make sure it wasn't just my FM. The neurologist verified the tarsal tunnel but I haven't gone back to the podiatrist for surgery yet.

    I walk around like a little old lady sometimes and have to use a cane. The more I'm on my feet the more swollen they feel even though they aren't. I also get sharp pains, spasms and cramps depending how much time I spend on my feet.

    They also still hurt when I lay down making it hard to go to sleep.

    I once took Lyrica that took away the tingling and spasms at night but after falling down one morning getting out of bed I quit taking it. I'd like to try it again sometime now that I am not working.

    I feel your pain,
  10. tobelct

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    I thought I would tell you the last weeks events
    My doctor sent me to a padiatrist Who was so good he diagnosed me with planterfacitis just like my family practitioner. He explained it was a very painfull condition cause from my tendon being to short. Also he decided along with that my symtoms were also suggesting I had also ripped my ekilease tendon.

    At that point the fitted me with a air cast and a boot that kept my feet in a 90 degree angle. Also they took pictures of my feet to make orthodics for me.

    I love the air cast it takes away a whole lot of pain.

    if you have this condition ask your doctor for one. they are great.

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    Not just my ankles, but also in my hands. Every single joint & everyone in my feet & sometimes in my knees. It is very severe and has come on rather aggresively! I'm only 32 and becoming a train wreck. This is bad in the am & worsens as the day goes on. Hot baths gives me temporary relief. Laura
  12. KSTrudee

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    Hi tobelct
    I've had Plantar Fascitis for years. It finally got so bad I had to go to the doctor. I went to a poditrist first as that is was my primary doctor's recommendation. The podiatrist had me use over-the-counter arch supports (SPENCO® Orthotic Arch Supports $19.65 from TheArchSupport.com but there are other kinds that may work better)and get different shoes, athletic shoes or any good supportive tie shoe that has stiff sides vs soft flexable sides. He also had me do stretching exercises and put ice on my feet twice a day. It helped quit a bit but did not totlly resolve the problem. Finally about 3 years later I tore the Fascia completely lose from my heel. That is basically what a surgeon will do when he does surgery, he will clip the Fascia to losen it partially and then put you in a orthopaedic brace to hold your foot at the proper angle so that as the Fascia heals and reattaches itself it will be longer and thus able to stretch more. I was told the Plantar Fascitis is a genetic condition, it usually runs in families. For these people the Fascia is not as long as it needs to be and as they get older gheir muscles lose their elasticity, so you have more and more problems. I believe that FMS complicates Plantar Fascitis because your muscles get stiff and draw up which puts more stress on Fascia. The pain is actually caused by tiny tears or rips in the Fascia. It usually hurts the worst in the morning when you first step out of bed. That is because while you slept it partially heals, then when you step down on you foot getting out of bed you actually tear it again. I do stretching exercises every morning before getting out of bed. There is a great exercise you can do with a bath towel. I have my shoes with my arch supports beside my bed and I put them on before I step down on my foot. I'v don't have nearly as much trouble as I was having before. But I still have some trouble with it and I'm sure I will always because of FMS. I think if I didn't have FMS it would most likely go away. You need to do your exercises several times a day. I do a lot of sitting at the computer to work and when I get up my muscles are stiff. I just do some quick stretching and that helps.
    I would recommend trying good shoes and Spenco (or similar brands) arch supports first. I also would recommend if you see a doctor, see a good orthopaedic doctor. No offense to podiatrists but an orthopaedic doctor has a better understanding of what is going on in you legs and your over all balance. That's going to be my next step. My doctor has Plantar Fascitis and she finally went to wearing MBT shoes (http://www.blissworld.com/shop/brand/mbt/what/). She swears by them. They are very expensive.

    One more thing, you can also wear a night splint which is very helpful. YMy brother wore one and now doesn't have trouble at all. You can find all this info in an article at this website: http://www.aafp.org/afp/20010201/467.html
    There is a ton of info about this on the web. It is a very commonn problem. Just do a search for "Plantar Fascitis" and you come up with all kinds of info.
    I hope this helps, sorry it was so long.
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    For all your info. It has been very helpfull.