Burning mouth syndrome (BMS)

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    I have been studying the therapeutic effects of Alpha-lipoic acid.... It is an excellent antioxidant and works as a chelating agent for heavy metal poisioning, I started taking it yesterday so I have no personal testimony yet...

    But I have had burning mouth problems and found this study.......If it helps I'll report back.........DJ

    Burning mouth syndrome (BMS): double blind controlled study of alpha-lipoic acid (thioctic acid) therapy.
    Femiano F, Scully C.
    Stomatology Clinic II, University of Medicine and Surgery, Napoli, Italy.

    BACKGROUND: Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) has features of a neuropathy and could be related to the production of the toxic free radicals that are released in stress situations. Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant able to increase the levels of intracellular glutathione and eliminate free radicals. This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of alpha-lipoic acid in the therapy of BMS.

    METHOD: This was a double blind, controlled study conducted for two months on 60 patients with constant BMS. Comparing alpha-lipoic acid (test) with cellulose starch (placebo), there was no laboratory evidence of deficiencies in iron, vitamins or thyroid function and no hyperglycaemia.

    RESULTS AND CONCLUSION: Following treatment with alpha-lipoic acid, there was a significant symptomatic improvement, compared with placebo, with the majority showing at least some improvement after 2 months, thus supporting the hypothesis that burning mouth syndrome is a neuropathy. This improvement was maintained in over 70% of patients at the 1 year follow-up

    PS.......this is an over the counter supplement.........DJ
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