Burning, Numbness and Tingling Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by krazykaren, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. krazykaren

    krazykaren New Member


    I have never posted to a Fibro board before and I have been diagnosed with Fibro for several years now. I also have osteo in both of my knees and they need replaced but I am only 41 years old.

    I have recently developed migraine headaches and have had burning, numbness, and tingling especially in my face and upper shoulders. Has anyone else had this happen? My neuro says the tingling and numbness is part of my migraine headaches (like an aura) but I feel that they are part of Fibro symptoms.

    I have checked the board and couldn't find any posts on this specifically so I am here posting this message. I have had this for over a month now and it came out of the blue. I have all the typical symptoms of Fibro but the numbness and tingling was a sympton that I don't often see posted anywhere. It is very scary when parts of your face go numb! I have had an MRI with and without contrast of my brain and cervical spine and it was all fine. The neuro put me on nortriptaline to help me sleep and it has helped. I also take Ultracet and Skelaxin.

    Any insight into other cases of this would help me tremendously.

  2. Vitter

    Vitter New Member

    I have had this in my head, neck and shoulders for about two years now. It comes and goes. I had a brain scan, but that did not show anything.

    I have not been officially diagnosed with fibro, but I think I must have it. I have many of the symptoms. My doctor said I could have it. He is not much help. I don't go to the doctor much anymore, it doesn't make me feel better. He had me on thyroid medication for a while, on and off. We have also talked about menopause, which I know I am perimenopausal.

    I was diagnosed with EBV about 17 years ago, have had a lot of health problems since then. Actually if I think about it I have had health problems all my life. Allergies, dizziness, migraines, just a lot of dumb things.

  3. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    Yes, I have it. With me it is sporadic not constant thank goodness!

    Numbness and tingling can also be from having a pinched nerve. People with diabetic neuropathy have this also.

    I don't have migranes so mine is not from that.
  4. vintage

    vintage New Member

    I also have this; but it is due to nerve entrapment in my shoulder. Could this be a possibility with you?
  5. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Hi Karen ... welcome :)

    I have suffered from migraines for around 13 years now and that is not part of the aura. The aura is all of the flashing lights etc. (mine end up with tunnel vision) followed by a horrrrrrrrid headache. Ssome people get nausea with it. The pain you are experiencing is probably the FMS (which I also have) and I have excruiating pain in my neck, shoulders, base of skull w/out one of my infamous pyschedelic migraines. I have the tingling. There are different types of migraines ;-). I get the common (no aura/flasshing light show) migraines almost daily and the much more severe that I described above less frequently. Do some searching on line about migraines (and on here) and ? the Neuro on this. Also he will probably send you for sleep apnea testing. I am going in for a sleep study next week. At least your Neuro did an MRI ... that is more than this Neuro I went to did. My migraines began around age 38-40 ... I just turned 53. They can be very frightening. I take Fioricet (one of many drugs for migraines) when I feel one coming on now.

    You have to be your own health advocate and as others do on here, start a journal of your pain and treeatments.

    Good luck (((((((( hugs )))))))))
  6. ask2266

    ask2266 Member

    I have burning and tingling in my muscles in the tops of my arms and on my face. It feels like someone has rubbed bengay on them or something like that. I had sudden onset CFIDS, and this burning and tingling started on the same day as everything else. My burning and tingling comes and goes.

    My primary thought it may be peripheral neuropathy, but it's the CFIDS. You just know your own body, you know.
  7. LACurrry

    LACurrry New Member

    I get the numbness and burning in both hands and both legs....the left hand actually has 3 fingers totally numb and the right leg is the worst. Had an EMG...guess what they told me??? It is from the fibro....no sign of damage to the nerves at all. I still cannot figure that out!
  8. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    burning/tingling is in my OPINION not from a migraine, at least for certain...yet they COULD BE. I have those all the time and i never have migraines!
    its either another weird symptoms involved with CFS/Fibro or possibly Lyme disease. Have you looked into that?
  9. krazykaren

    krazykaren New Member

    Thanks to everyone who welcomed me and replied. Yes, I have been tested for Lupus, Lyme Disease, and a whole bunch of other things and they are always negative.

    Like everyone else, I have been tested alot. Fibro doesn't show up in tests but I have been diagnosed with it. I hadn't heard of having the tingling and the numbness with it though. I have been having the migraine type headaches for awhile but just went to the neuro recently for the numbness and tingling along with the horrible neck pain and headache and she diagnosed migraines. The medication is helping me sleep and the numbness and tingling is almost gone now.

    I have been to some migraine forums where they indicate they have facial numbness and also numbness in other parts of their body with migraines. It just seems strange even though my neuro swears this can happen.

    Has anyone had a reaction to taking Ultracet for their Fibro? I don't know if my sunburn type reaction was to the Ultracet or something else. It was very intense.

    Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions. It helps to talk with other people out their with Fibro and our weird symptoms.

  10. Ouch4017

    Ouch4017 New Member

    Yes, I have numbness, burning and tingling in my hands, arms, spine, and lower parts of my legs. Also get the "zinging" pain (as I describe it) From what I understand, at least for myself, this is nerve issues and also part of my FM (I've had nerve testing). I take Lycra (I just changed over from 2100 mg of Neurontin a day) for my nerve pain. Then I take percoset (spelling???) for my joint pain. I've been told this is caused by tightning of my muscles, tendons, etc. and as yourself, I've been tested and retested for everything under the sun. I have not taken ultraset, but have taken Tramadol. That worked so so for pain for me, but percoset definately makes me able to function much better. Skelexin works well for me when I take it at night to try to "chill out" my muscles. I also just started Cymblta (spelling again?) and this is supposed to help with depression, sleep and pain. We'll see. Try a heating pad or if the pain gets real burning in your back, I've found putting an ice pack on helps. Good luck

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