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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibolady, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. fibolady

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    do any of you suffer from the burning sypmtom of fms. i have been in a flare it seems like forever and bravely trying to win it out with the help of my ultram. i have had enough, i am calling my rhumey in the morning and ask for something stronger. i know i won't get better until i get some pain relief and maybe then some better sleep. (the ambien & klonopin aren't even helping)

    my question, what do you suggest asking for that might help with this flare. at this point i hope it is a narcotic!@! i have never talked about taking anything stronger so don't really know what my doctor's next step would be.

    what i have tried with no relief this time, ultram, advil, toradol. even the warm/cool baths aren't helping. after reading mikie's (?) post, i realize, it ain't gonna get better until i get a little pain relief, and i was doing so well a few months ago. oh well, so the fibromyalgia goes.....

    warm regards, fibolady

  2. Rumpsonfire

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    I wish I had an answer for you but I try to stay away from narcodics. I have terrible flares in my lower back and around the sacral joint and hips. I also have spasms down my right leg. I have not found anything that has helped those. I tried Ultram but it made me sick to my stomach and real light headed. I used to take VIcodin but I was afraid I would become addicted. Crying my eyeballs out in the shower usually at least makes my stress level a little lower. I also try to get my boyfriend to rub the areas that hurt, but that isn't often that I can get him off his computer. Tylenol Arthritis actually helps a little to take the edge off but it doesn't take the pain completly away. Try Epsom salt soaks and head to bed with your legs elevated. Stretch every day and try to stay mobile.
    I understand your pain and frustrations and if you ever just need to vent or talk about the pain, you know who to draw attention to!

    ((gentle hug))

    Amanda's Rumpsonfire
  3. pam_d

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    I am so sorry for you, I do not have this burning pain a lot, but I DO get it & know what you mean; if I had it 24/7, I'm not sure how I'd cope....I do not use any regular prescription meds, but I have been known to take one vicodin on a particularly rough evening with this burning-type pain, just to get some rest. I would address your doctor in strong terms, I agree that with unrelenting pain, your body can't even begin to heal from a flare...I hope you can get help with this & some relief, I'm sorry your holidays are so painful.

    Gentle Hugs,

  4. dove1

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    I know the frustration with this type of pain, Fibrolady.
    Neurontin has been a godsend for me. Some people cannot tolerate it, but for me it has been a fabulous Rx for pain and for sleep. I hope this helps and you find relief.
  5. Kimba

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    HiriskRN is correct you will not become addicted to narcotics if you take only when you need them. I know because I have been one and off them for about 12 years and I have never been addicted.

    I am new to this board and I was just diagnosed, but I have had FM for about 12 years. I only take painkillers them when I need them and never before bedtime because they can interfere with sleeping.

    The only way you can move ahead is to get pain relief. Trust me, if I had not asked I would not be walking today. I under went PT for months learning to walk correctly.(long story) I also used painkillers so I could function and live a normal life.

    Talk to your doctor, tell him how you feel and get relief and move ahead out of the flares.
  6. Annette2

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    The last time I was in a really bad flare, my doctor prescribed Lidocaine patches for me. They actually numb the area and the pain goes away. You put one on and can leave it for 11 hours. After 11 hours you take it off, and you can't put another one on for another 11 hours, and so on. It really helped me! I hope you find something that eases your pain....I know it's horrible.

    Good luck!!!!

    Annette2 :)
  7. Rosario

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    Hi fibrolady. Some doctors are not comfortable prescribing narcotics. If this is the case, you may want to ask to be referred to a pain specialist. This is the route I took and the experience has been great. The pain relief (I am presently using hydromorph contin) allows me to remain mobile, maintain my home, do volunteer work & my daily exercises. The specialist I see is compassionate and truly understands the experience of living in pain. Good luck, dear, I hope you get the relief you need. Rose
  8. Cindi

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    There isn't one part of my body that DOESN'T burn daily :(
    I have been on many meds for this, and can't tolerate many of them. I've also tried heat, warm/cool baths, etc. The best relief I have ever had is with Oxycontin. It "lessens" the burning, but doesn't completely take it away.
    Good luck finding the right med :)

  9. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I can totally understand your situation and sympathize.(sp?)whatever...
    I have been in mega pain with a bottle of ultracet,and darvecets,neither one is helping at all.I suppose it might dull the pain....not much tho. I have told my rheumy this and she still won't give me anything stronger.Its very frustrating b/c I feel like I have to beg!!I have a few back problems confirmed by an MRI,FM and endometriosis.
    My next step will be to try a pain specialist. Everyone deserves to be as painfree as possible.(I wonder what a Dr would give himself for this pain?!Damn idiots!)
    Hope you find some relief soon and enjoy your holiday!
    Warm regards,
  10. Reg1

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    Boy, HiRiskRN could not have said it better. I used to be so afraid of narcotic pain relievers. I had a beautiful doctor, no longer practicing here, who explained the addition vs physical dependence. Believe me when my pain reached the point of wanting to reach a Dr. Kavorkien, i had no other choice. Now i take Oxycotin, and Percocet for breakthru, it certainly has made a difference, not pain free of course, but at least i can manage a little better than before i started taking them. For instance, last Saturday, I interviewed a cleaning co. to clean my home, well they arrived at 11am. I had not taken any medicine, so excited about the fact that I'm going to get a cleaning service, by the time they left, i wanted to ask them to please, "can you guys wheel me into my bed". I will never do that again, that is called physical dependence. I took my Oxy, and about 30-45 minutes started feeling relief. So you see, we have an illness, at lease with me, where is the pain is so aggressive., that we or i need stronger meds, than over the counter. I really think Oxycotin is just about the best. But i have to admit, even sometimes with bad flares, that doesn't touch it. But until something stronger comes out, i'll work with what i have. GOOD LUCK and ((((((((((((((((GENTLE HUGS))))))))))))))))) Reg1
  11. fibolady

    fibolady New Member

    and merry christmas! sharing always helps me understand what i need to do with this fibo and WHY. of course, the rheumy wouldn't call in anything , have been seeing him 5 years,but i can see him next week. the good news is the next day, finally the flare started easing up. i had taken a hydrocodene the day before (it didn't help or did it because the next day i started feeling better with the burning).

    it seems everytime i go to my apptment, i am feeling better, so i never ask for anything. i am going to print out my message so i can remind myself to ask for something to take in times of need.

    everyone read the article today on "how i created a good life with fibromyalgia" it is wonderful.

    warm regards, fibolady

  12. northwoodssue

    northwoodssue New Member

    Merry Christmas, Fibrolady::
    I just logged on after all the gifts, food, etc..... to relax.
    No One has mentioned the benefits from gentle, stretching yoga. It helps with my burning pain. Believe me, I have it all the time!!!! It's worse in the shoulders, upper arms, wrists, and hips. I also go to get a good massage - not too deep, but working the pressure points. Warmth also helps. But, to be honest, nothing really keeps it all away. I just wait out the flare with the things above. Also take ultram. I haven't asked my doctor for narcotics yet, but will soon.
    good luck!
  13. LisaMay

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    I too have been dealing with burning pain mostly in my feet, up the leg straight into the butt. I've tried everything from doubling my meds (Ultram & Soma), warm baths, and gentle stretching. Nothing is touching it. I'm call the doc tomorrow! I know I'll be seeing both my PCP and Rheumy in 2 weeks, but I can't wait anymore. I feel like such a wimp.

    Just when things are feeling so good, WHAM.... Hope you feel better soon. Lisa
  14. fibolady

    fibolady New Member

    yes stretching is the only thing that keeps me going. when i get brave enough i will pull out the starter yoga tape i have had for a year! i do walk, but it has been so cold.

    many times i feel like a wimp, but i don't know many people that could endure this form of pain 24/7 like we do. sometimes it is good to just have a good cry too, followed by the epsom salt bath!

    i'm back trying the ZMA that so many have had good luck with, the burning aspect it seems has to run its course. maybe journeling will help identify some triggers. i know one, the grocery store! everytime, but i have no one else to push the cart around.

    hope everyone had a restful day after christmas,
    warm regards, fibolady

  15. fibolady

    fibolady New Member

    and of course i am doing much better this week. i did ask for something for breakthrough pain during a long flare but he would not rx me anything, told me i would need to come see him.

    what..... i can't even leave the house when i am in that state, guess i will take a taxi. i feel good about my progress but disappointed that i will have to suffer, yet again, when the monster flare hits, and it will, i have had this fms forever.

    now i do feel like a "drug seeker" i want to seek out something stronger anywhere to have on hand for when the time comes. other than that the apptment went well.

    warm regards, fibolady
  16. marcus1243

    marcus1243 New Member

    And when it's bad I really don't want to get out of my hot bath. I guess the bath works because the nerves transmit true heat signals rather than the false ones they normally send. The same thing would work if you were to apply pressure to the legs -- the nerves would then send pressure signals rather than 'burning' ones. I know how you feel though -- it *is* awful!

  17. jolly

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    I used to wonder what people were talking about when they mentioned "flares." The pain I had for so long was constant except for when I was asleep and it seemed to get worse as the day went on. That's one problem with doctor's appts. I would wake up an hour and half before going and the pain wasn't as bad then. By nightfall I would be dying. The pain clinic I went to was a nightmare though and a lot of other people have had similar experiences with them. The idiot told me to take 600 milligrams of ibuprofen 3 times a day, didn't even examine me, and charged me $160. I paid $100 and am still fighting with them 4 months later. Some people have had success with them, but not me. You're going through enough right now with the separation to be in constant pain all day. If you can find somebody to give you something stronger, I wouldn't hesitate to take it. Jo Ellen
  18. Jenelle

    Jenelle New Member

    I also have burning in my legs sometimes when I go to bed.
    I will have already taken my regular sleep meds but this
    burning keeps me awake. That is when I go for the Darvocet.
    You can't sleep when you have this burning. My regular
    medications at night include Diclofenac for arthritis type
    muscle pain. For sleep I take 1 Ambien and 2 amatriptaline.
    I stay up 30 or 45 minutes after taking them and by then my
    head is getting dizzy and coordination is bad so it is time
    to go to bed. Most times this works. I think the only time it might not work is when I am real stressful or depressed. Took my pill 20 minutes ago so am ready for bed now. Goodnight,.
  19. achy

    achy New Member

    I get it across my upper back, along my shoulders...man does it hurt. That deep burning ache make sopyu want to scream!!
    I take 20mg oxy w/ percs for breaktur...no help. I tried neurontin...to buzzed to do anything!! A nice hot bath wiht Lavender/chamomile bath salts I get at walmart helps, but only while in the tub!! And I run out of hot water before tub is full - that sucks. My water bill has gone up $5!!!
    We won;t talk abou the electricity.....
    the only thing is capsacin p cream and the heating pad I pout in the microwave..it will cut it down to bearable as long as I don't move.
    I try to stay active, but if I overdo here comes the burn...
    Sometimes your damned of ya do......
    Warm fuzzies