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    i get so much burning pain every day in my arms now it is in my face at times. do all of you get have the burning pain sometimes i feel like i cant take it. its so hard to explain it to people who dont have fibro like my daughters ages 23 &26. but now my sis age 54 is having all the symptoms of fibro. i quit taking amitriptyline after 3 days it made my heart beat really fast and i couldnt sleep at all.
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    Hi there...I had facial pain before. Mine was around the area of my cheekbone...usualy the left. but also sometimes the right. I did some research, (I am NOT a medical person)and I found something like myofascial pain of some sort. My pain went away in a couple of days, but it did hurt and it came back. It has not reappeared since. It was a couple of months back. I couldn't even touch my face and it felt like it was burning. Since I was taking pain meds. it went away after a while.....I advice you to go to the doctor and talk to them. It could also be something else and it is better to prevent anything on time. Hugs to you my fibrofriend....
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