Burning rib pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by morgana, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. morgana

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    Does anyone here suffer with a burning pain thats under the left breast and down the left side to the bottom of the rib cage??The pain is also like its underneath the bottom ribs???????Its a burning gnawing feeling and if i run my hands over my ribcage there are numerous amounts of lumps that really have my yelling in pain if they are touched or pressed I have the tenderness on my right ribcage too but not so much the burning pain........I have been getting thus on and off now for a few years.I also get the burning feeling in my back and shoulders....Some days it seems to go away and then all of a sudden comes back with avengeance and it always seems worse when my period is due (about a week building up to it)All my symptoms are worse then.Its driving me mad and Im worried silly (doesnt do much for my anxiety disorder lol)
    I was just wondering how others experience their rib pain???????
    Gentle hugs Morgana
  2. IntuneJune

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    My chest pain was under my ribs through to my back, also along my breast bone, please see my post Bone Scan for chest pain. I am looking for help also Fondly, June
  3. gottalottalove

    gottalottalove New Member

    It comes and goes but just another nuisance side effect of FM Tina
  4. kimmer

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    I have had this same thing going on for 4 years now. It will drive you crazy. It feels like it is under my ribcage on my left side. What is it called? Or is it justthe Fibro? Have a Good day...KIM :)
  5. morgana

    morgana New Member

    Just bumping up for those who might have missed this post thanks gentlehugs Morgana
  6. marilew

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    ...yes, and lots of it. I also get it a lot in my back on the left side...weird...I know.

    It has not been as bad since I have had to stop working, but it's still there.
  7. melissabee

    melissabee New Member

    Hi everyone. This is my first time here. Newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia this week and trying to learn all I can. I've been coping with symptoms for 15 years (I'm 37 now) including fatigue, aches, sinusitis, dizziness, and anxiety.

    I wanted to add that I too have terrible rib pain, or more accurately pain in the muscles between the ribs, particularly the upper ones.
    I tried to relieve the pain recently by rubbing Tiger's Balm in the area (under my breasts) and it caused an awful red itchy rash that I'm still trying to clear up.

    Does anyone use any kind of natural herbal salve or rub that helps with the pain and doesn't irritate the skin?

    I'm so glad this support board is here : - )
  8. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    I have had rib pain so bad before that I wanted to scream.
    It is extremely burning and feels like it attacks the ribs.
    It is always there, just depends how bad it wants to be on a given day.

    hang in there.
  9. ForeverFlaring

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    I too have the rib pain. Mine is along the sides of my ribs on both sides. If you rub them lightly you will feel lumps and bumps that hurt excruciatingly when touched or rubbed.

    What has worked for me is...a hot soak in the tub to loosen them up as they are very hard. After they loosen up a bit they are more pliant and I have my hubby rub them lightly with hand lotion to loosen them up more. Eventually with gentle rubbing they loosen up enough so the rubbing can get more vigorous and they can completely be rubbed away.

    Now, I have only been able to endure the rubbing twice so I am not an expert at all. The pain is so overwhelming that I almost passed out the last time hubby tried to rub them down..but then again he is very rough and I have to remind him time and time again to be gentle.

    If you do a search here on costochondritis, you will see that too many of us have this symptom. If this chest pain is accompanied by nausea, dizziness, or radiates to the arm I would forget the rub and go to an ER immediately as it may be alot more than "just another fibro symptom".
  10. LJL

    LJL New Member

    The rib pain was one of the first things that started hurting ..I know the pain..It is like a pressure under the ribs that feels like there is a 400 pound person trying to get out from under your ribs...It is as uncomfortable as it is painful...It was on the left side more than the right at first which led to many years of the dr's thinking that I had heart problems..Well, I guess all you know that we went thru many years of trying to figure out what was wrong with us before we finally found a dr. that believed that Fib. and CFS exists..I also had too many tests to write here so I can pretty much tell you how most of my organs are doing..Ha...
    I started out on Celebrex..It helped with the inflamation.That eased the pain...I still was so tired that just giving up was not an option yet..I began on Wellbutrin only after I told the dr. that feeling bad was causing me to feel the depression not that depression was causing the CFS as some seem to believe..He understood what I was tlaking about and I am on Wellbutrin and wow what a difference..My mind thinks that I feel better..I now have more good days than bad and I don;t plan things but I do enjoy those days when I feel good..Remember to not over do..That will set yah back..Enjoy things in small quanities..I have 6 years until retirement and hope that I can make it...Then I will be able to take care of myself with my retirement...I am really independent that way..I'll go for now..I say a prayer every day for any one who suffers as I have..LJL
  11. LJL

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    The rib pain is caused from inflammation..You need anti-inflammation meds when you have a flair up..I take Celebrex...LJL
  12. melissabee

    melissabee New Member

    Hi everyone. Has anyone found natural anti-inflammatory agents that work, either supplements to ingest or creams? I am on lots of supplements that seem to be helping a bit with overall symptoms (it's only been one week on them so far) but I'd love to address the burning tender rib pain. I read that pomegranate juice can help so I've just bought some. Any ideas very appreciated.
    Holding hope for everyone,
  13. momkatmax

    momkatmax New Member

    That was my first symptom, just like you describe.
  14. southstars_tat2s

    southstars_tat2s New Member

    Yes!!! I have that and it drives me and everyone around me nuts!!! Sometimes it hurts so bad I apply pressure with my hand to make it ease,and wake up with horrible bruises. I thought for the longest time it was an ulcer or some organ in there going to the badLOL. I have to lean forward on the kitchen table/resturant table/etc. to help it ease a little so I can keep on going. I know I look retarded, this "phantom" pain...but it is as real as the burning "between the shoulder blades" pain I feel everyday that no doctor can figure what it is. I'm sorry you have it, but glad I'm not alone:)
  15. Silverwell

    Silverwell New Member

    Yes, I have had this pain for 5-6 years and it really has an impact on your life. I can't sit at the computer for very long and I have given up wearing clothes that don't have an elasticated waist. I also wish I could give up wearing a bra!
    Get someone to check out your spine and ribs and see whether you have some misalignment. I just found out what's been causing my sore, tender ribs and I wish I had checked this out years ago instead of putting up with it. My spine is slightly "out" and my ribcage is crooked (on the right side) so the muscles and nerves are all tight and irritated. The burning feeling also goes into my abdominal muscles and that is caused by nerve entrapment because of the rib problems. I'm determined to get this sorted out and get back to some kind of "normal" life again! Good luck to everyone who is putting up with this pain - it really is miserable.