Burning Rib Pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by plawton, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. plawton

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    Does anyone have burning rib pain, hard to tell if is the actual ribs or the muscles around them? My ribs ache most of the time. Do you think this is due to FM or CFS...Help Please!! This has been going on for about six months after a car accident.

    EZBRUZR New Member

    I have soreness on upper right quandryn of ribs(liver/gall)area.opposite on ribsback same side. My DR said it was fat.I think he's off.Do you have FM/CFIDS? Does taking deep breath hurt? Someone will know! peace,lisa
  3. AnitaQuiles

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    HI....I have this awful pain almostevery day. it began after I had surgery about 13 years ago. the doctors told me is due to muscle spasms....it feels like heat and pain together. It usually happens if I strain myself mopping the floor or lifiting objects, or if I am under a lot of stress. I use heat pads, cold pads, massaging, or using icy hot gel. sometimes it is too much to bear. it seems now that it has spread down to my rib cage, mostly on th same side, the right side.
    I hope my note helps you in something. I take ultracet for pain too. I hipe you get better soon.aq
  4. DragensMom

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    It sounds like costochondritis or costalchondritis. It was my very first MAJOR symptom of fibro, over 3 years ago. I read in Mark Pelligrino, MD's book that it is commonly one of the very first symptoms....followed by a spiraling of other things. Nothing helped my pain for over 8 months. I finally got someone to prescribe pain meds and they saved me. Good luck
  5. tandy

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    And Yes....I have the rib pain too,front and back lower ribs usually on one side only...the left~I've had FM for 11 years now but this pain is only about a year or 2 old. Many others here get it also. Not much seems to help mine...then again I have a Dr. who is very stinjy on the pain meds,therefore I suffer needlessly. your not alone~
    Nice meeting you~ :)
  6. tlc8858

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    Yes, that awful rib pain. I am having a bout of it as we speak. It was one of the things that finally caught the doctor attention and made him dig deeper in to fm and my diagnosis. I have had rib pain off and on for 2 years. It comes on out of the blue and can last a really long time. I know how you feel. Get it checked out though to be sure you don't have some more serious complications. Good Lucktlc8858
  7. jadibeler

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    I haven't had this happen often but my daughter has. It was never an every day thing - it would strike out of nowhere and last several hours. Nothing helped. In our case, the pain was all the way around the body, like a vice (I believe that's called "girdling pain")and just under the breasts. Fortunately, it hasn't happened to me for a long time (knock on wood) and my daughter hasn't mentioned it for awhile, but then I rarely hear from her.

    I might add that any pain in the upper right quantrant which goes all the way through to the back (or starts in the back and migrates around) could very well be the gallbladder. The pain we have feels like gall bladder, except that we both had them removed long before this started. I agree, you should see a doctor about it.

  8. Marjidoll

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    The awful rib pain. I had two ultra sounds and a HIDA scan done for gall bladder. All negative.

    I read that it was from the fibro, and a nurse friend of mine suggested wearing bras without the underwires.
    I cut the wires out of all of my bras..(they are painful-looking things) and it helped a lot and he pain went away.
    She said it's like tennis elbow and the wires are rubbing on the inflamed fashia and keeping it aggrivated.

    I haven't had the pain since so I know there was something to it, at least in my case.