Burning Skin? - elbow skin and other places

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, Oct 19, 2011.

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    I have been having an issue with burning skin. I have CFIDS and some FM. Lately my elbows (outside skin) burns. They are not bright red or hot, just slightly irritated. The dermatologist said it was a dermatitis and gave me Desonide steroid cream. It works a day or two and then the burn comes back.

    I also get a burn (down under) at times which the GYN said was an immune response and like vulvodynia. I do have low IgG and neutropenia. My Internist who is following my immune system says these issues are like an auto-immume disorder and that CFIDS is like an auto immune disease.

    Anyone else get a burning in the skin chronically and what do you do about it? Does it go away?

    The other idea of mine could be an elbow joint problem which manifests with burning outer skin. Also, when I get the vulva burn, I also have pubic bone pain. Go figure!!!

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    I start getting buring skin when the weather turns cooler every year. I thought it might be dry skin. It's usually on my elbows and heels.
    I use lots of cream and it helps a little.

    As for the other stuff, down below, my gyn doctor says it's from the FM. She called it peripheral neuropathy and said that it's referred pain.

    It seems that the brain can send pain signals to areas of the body where there's nothing wrong and can cause burning sensations, pain, spasms, or feelings of pressure at times. I've experienced all of this but it always goes away on its own. I have CFS and FM as well as pelvic prolapse.

    Maybe this is what you're experiencing. I'd never heard of this till she explained it to me. She knows more about fibromyalgia that any of my regular doctors or the rheumy I used to see. GB66

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