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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Newswoman, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. Newswoman

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    My skin feels like its on fire. It's not the type of burning sensation that's associated with pain, but more the burning sensation you feel when you're allergic to somehting.

    Has anyone ever dealt with this before? I thought about taking an antihistamine like Benadryl, but I'm extremely sensitive to that drug. Anyone know of any natural remedies?
  2. Shirl

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    Shalom, Shirl
  3. KathiM

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    I have the burning skin and especially if sunlight hits me.

    Yes.......I have done the antihistimine route and then bought some "Creamy nivea oil"........Bathe/shower and slather that on.

    Dont know where you live and exposure to sun but I ahd to buy a pair of sleeves to wear while driving or in sun or wear long sleeves.

    I believe they call it photosensitive

    The burning was about to drive me nuts....I seem to have it under control right now.

    Good luck

  4. klutzo

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    I've had Fibro for 17 yrs. and for the past 15 yrs. have had "attacks" where my skin turns red, swells slightly and burns, I feel hot but have no fever, my heart races, my blood pressure soars, and I have diarreha. I've had every test in the book with no results. My Rheumy thinks it's just my screwed up nervous system misfiring, in otherwords, it's the Fibro. The burning feels very prickly and kind of sore. Waistbands and bras leave marks that remain for hours when this goes on. Sometimes my feet are so sore I can't wear shoes, but usually it's just my face and arms. There is a type of cancer that causes these exact symptoms, but I'd be dead by now if I had it...it's called Carcinoid Syndrome,and that's what they thought I had at first.

    Kathi - have you had an ANA test for lupus? Or, are you taking Antibiotics,esp. those in the Tetracycline family? Or, are you taking St. John's Wort? Such severe sun sensitivity warrants an investigation, IMO.

  5. Newswoman

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    I live in Florida, and it's been unseasonably warm here. I never thought about sun sensitivity because my sking feels like its burning even when I've been inside all day. The only other thing that I'm thinking could cause this condition are the fluorescent lights in my office.
  6. KathiM

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    I just had the ana test for the lupus this week and of course it came back negative which of course is good but then again everything is still a mystery and puzzle. My muscles are so weak in my calves and thighs and also arms.

    My arms look like I have pin dots of red in them.....but like I said I have the burning under control right now........but of course have not been in sunlight AT ALL !!!

    I am seeing a new Dr and he is sending me for sleep study next week.......dont really know what good that"ll do but ........not much choice but to go along with the program.

    Let me know any ideas ......

    Thanks .Kathi
  7. pearls

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    Since I've had fibromyalgia, I had a number of problems at different times with burning:

    1) My face would burn. I'd get red as beet and very hot all over. For me light did not cause it. Sometimes it was emotional or for no reason at all. This has bothered me from time to time for years even much before my FMS Dx.

    2) The skin on my right thigh was very hot and sensitive for no reason I could tell.

    3) I could hardly wear shoes because my feet were so hot, sweaty, and smelly. I'd wash them at lunch time, change my hose, and put on fresh shoes only to feel the same in a few minutes. I could hardly wait to get home so I could take the darned things off! When it was hot, the problem would be worse, but it could happen at any time.

    4) At night, I'd sweat all over so bad that my sheets would get all wet. To not disturb my husband, I'd get a large bath towel and put that over the sheets and sleep on it. I couldn't tell why I'd sweat like that.

    5) For quite a while now, the skin along the outside of my right wrist has been very sensitive, though I guess it can't be described as burning. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, but I'm not aware of very sensitive skin as a carpal tunnel symptom, but then I haven't researched carpal tunnel very much yet. It hurts all the time and I hate to have a sleeve rub against it, though I can wear my splints with no problem.

    The only thing any doctor ever seemed to want to address was all-over heat. They'd want to change my hormones before I stopped them, and then add hormones after I stopped taking them. I noticed no difference the one time I changed my prescription. After I stopped my hormones, there was not immediate difference, but after awhile I stopped having so many problems with items #1-4.

    All of this kind of irritation drives me crazy, though the problem with the wrist is not nearly so irritating as was all the rest.

  8. klutzo

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    Eating a lot of acidic foods seems to set this problem off for me sometimes. Living in Florida, I have to watch not to drink too much iced tea in our hot weather. Right now it is 3 am, and I am on the Board because I am burning so bad I can't sleep. I had tomato sauce and 3 glasses of ice tea yesterday, so I am not surprised this happened.
    However, there is also a 24 hr. cycle of waxing and waning to my burning, which suggests a hormonal source for it. It is best in the morning, usually starts slowly getting worse about 1 PM, and by 7 pm it is really bad and stays that way until about 1 am when it starts to fade.
  9. klutzo

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    I've been taking MSM for years.....I wish it would do that for me! Lucky you.
  10. pearls

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    I'd like to know.