burning stomach/painful spine

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    i have to rule out gallstones because i suffered with that already and actually had my gallbladder removed. Im getting similar pain...a burning. Sometimes its all over in mystomach. Sometimes its this tiny localized area almost like what i would imagine an ulcer to feel like. ive complained to my doc about sooo many new symptoms im afraid to email her yet again for another. Typical hypochondriac right?

    Anyone else get this? i take tums all day. What the hecks goin on with me now????
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    2 years ago I started having stomach problems.
    It was like a buring sensation and I was going through a rough divorce, so I figured an ulcer was definately possible.
    Like you, I ate Tums left and right and the people I worked with were always teasing me about my Mylanta "cocktails."

    The pain became acute and severe and still I remained undiagnosed.
    I had IBS on a regular basis and chalked that up to the divorce too.

    The battery of tests began. First a colonoscopy, which was normal except one little polyp which was removed.
    Then came the gastrointerologist who ran every test known to man and only found that I had hPylori.
    Unfortunately getting rid of that did not get rid of my stomach problems.

    The only medicine that has helped me is a stomach tranquilizer called Glycopyrrolate.
    I don't know what I'd do without it.

    I sympathize with you, and hope you can find a reason for your pain and fix it.
    My pain took a leave of absence for a few months and is back full force now.
    You might ask your Dr. about the medicine I take and see what he says.

    The stomach issues and the problems that followed after that are what led me to my MD's office at my wits end, thinking I must have cancer after feeling like I'd had the flu for 3 straight weeks.

    I was diagnosed with FM and have been trying to educate myself like everyone else on this board because help for this seems minimal from the medical world.
    The new Rumy I saw yesterday ordered a sleep study and put my on Lyrica instead of Neurontin.
    He told me to see a shrink because he asked me 10 questions and said I scored 65% which meant I was depressed.
    I didn't bother arguing with him because he had a God complex and didn't have time for my trivial questions.

    Back to the drawing board.

    I wish you only good things:) RM