burning/weakness almost faint feeling...

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  1. Chilene

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    i haven't had this in ages... used to get it in the middle of the night and i had to get up and move around and eat. that helped then.

    i'm feeling it during the day today. it's a very hard to describe feeling. it's a burning/weakness in my legs and my stomach is tight/tense (don't know if i'm doing this as a reaction to this uncomfortable feeling). i tend tighten up my muscles all over, sort of bracing the uncomfortableness. i feel a little shaky and sometimes my heart seems faster with it (not always).

    i have a feeling it's a type of fatigue. it's a tiny bit like feeling like you might faint, but it doesn't get that bad... (and no lightheadedness or cold/sweating like with fainting).

    (this time, it could also have to do with the lovely menses about to hit, as well).

    i feel very stressed and tired today and had coffee, which helped energy, but not this (yeah, prolly made it worse). lol.

    i wish i could describe the feeling better...

    anyone else relate to anything like this?

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  2. ABLUV

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    Epsom salt baths decreases the severity of that particular symptom for me. I take a soak once or twice a week to ease the tension in my muscles. Eating things that are high in potassium is also helpful.

    Also, how is your iron level? After living with CFS awhile I can tell the difference between anemia and chronic fatigue. When your iron is low you feel very weak because iron supplies oxygen to your body(blood cells, brain, heart have to have oxygen).

    I hope you feel better soon...abluv
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  3. 3gs

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    I definetly relate to this one. The burning was one of my foremost syptoms. Also have had that funny fainting not thing.

    Have noticed it tends to be worse when in a flair or do to much.
    Sorry this is a little disjointed I have it going on right now!

    Your not alone on this one!
  4. Chilene

    Chilene New Member


    these are all very good ideas!... and nope, hand't checked out most of them.

    i will! thanks much;)


  5. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    it feels so good to know that i am not entirely alone with this VERY weird icky stuff! just hearing that ONE other person can relate helps sooo much.

    yeah, i think, too that it's when i'm mostly in a bad flare. (sometimes don't realize)...

    btw... my brainfog has been AWFUL with the burning... (keep goofing things up, forgetting... the usual)... and the brainfog IS always worse in a flare... so that is actually a bit telling about the burning symptom, maybe.