burning with bm's, urination, & IBs-C.

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    Posted this bf -- anyone have aching on both sides of waist, between bottom of rib cage and top of hip bone ? This comes on mostly at night ( which i don't understand )so i never get a good night sleep. Having a BM seems to relieve it for a bit. Have mostly constipation so do only dirbs and drabs until, it seems, I'm so full that my body has to rid itself of the feces. Then i will have 2-4 BMs that day only to start all over again with the constipation. I have been prescribed Bentyl to use 3or 4 times a day, tho I rarely have any continual cramping during the daytime. I did try it about 2 AM. and it may have helped some--for a while.
    I know that coffee isn't recommended but often it is the one thing that can get some action
    going in my intestines and result in movement.
    Recently, am having fine stinging, burning that seems to move around my abdomen with this and I ache in other places. Have Fibro also so perhaps the two are related or overlapping
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    The burning and stinging are different, haven't heard that one before.

    What does your dr. say? Have you been tested for celiac disease?

    I highly suggest you buy some cranberries; eat just 1/4 every night,
    then the first thing you do in the morning is drink a cup of water at
    room temperature. This has helped my same symptoms as you,
    with the constipation, dibs and drabs, then 3-4 bms follow that.

    Now the pain around the rib cage could be costochondritis;
    use the search function here, a lot of us have it. it is very,
    very painful, and a heating pad helps along with aspirin or
    other anti inflammatory; it is the cartiledge of the ribcage
    that gets inflamed. Indocin helps a lot, too.

    Hope you find some answers that work for you!
    Many hugs,


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