bursitis and fm

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    Anyone else suffer with bursitis and fm? My bursitis is either in my hips or shoulders. Today my hips really bad today. I don't know what to do...you can't run from the pain. Not my best day.
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    I ride my bike everyday and it helps for sure
  3. Oh yes unfortunately I have bursitis in both hips, the right IS PAINFUL. The rheum. dr. injected it and it usually helps, the last time I had to go back in and get a second one. I could not sleep on my side, and it hurt to walk.

    My dr. gave me some new patches to try, I haven't gotten them filled yet as she said insurance probably won't pay for them. But usually injections help, I had one in my shoulder yrs ago and I could not use my shoulder/arm. It was terrible, like my hip. Good luck. Not sure if its fibro related.
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    I have bursitis in my shoulders and hips. I've had surgery on both shoulders to open up the joint space by having bone shaved. Before surgery I went thru all kinds of anti-inflammatories and cortisone injections.

    My hips get really bad. I've had the cort. shots and they never have helped. My orthopedic surgeon (he just did my L shoulder surgery 3 wks ago) says to ICE your hips whenever possible. Also ice shoulders, it's the best way to reduce the inflammation. He says there is no surgery to fix the hips, so I'll have to live with it.

    I've found the best ice packs are frozen peas. Get a large bag and dump it into a gallon size ziplock bag..I double bag mine. You can refreeze and reuse them many times. Try the ice and see if it helps, good luck.

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    I am still in pain and it has even moved up into my back. I think the back pain is coming from the hips but not sure, it is a pain I haven't had in awhile.

    Green peas sound like a good idea. I will ice more.

    I wonder how many cortisone shots can you have before you start to develop joint damamge?