Bursitis and Tendonitis, can'e raise my arm

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    I was back working again 20 hours a week, and handling it. I carry a plastic stool with me to sit when I do certain jobs.

    Now, I wake with a lot of pain and cannot move my arm over 2". It is even difficult driving.

    The PT says it is the tendonitis with bursitis. I made an appt. with my doctor to see what I should/should not be doing.

    I dread going to work.

    My hands are all broken out in paper-cut sores.

    I work in the home-health field and do a lot of physical work and my hands are in water a lot.

    How does anyone handle the bursitis? Do you work with it?

    It may help with disability.
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    I'm currently on disability due to FM and an injury that damaged my shoulder. They think that it's bursitis from the accident. I've had an MRI on my shoulder and should get the results by the end of the month. It's extremely painful and there's certain motions I can't do.

    I can't raise my arm to the side to put on deodorant or lift my shoulder to take off a t-shirt. I'm hoping that there's something they can do. Even typing makes it worse.

    I was just informed yesterday that I don't qualify for short-term disability so we'll have to see what happens when I go back to my Dr.

    I use a heating pad when it get bad and also use pain relieving creams and sprays. It helps a little.

    All the best,

  3. Hi Kellygirl. I don't work but had bursitis in my shoulder years ago and got an injection and it worked great, took the pain away. However now I get bursitis in my side/hip area and get injections unfortunately on a reg. basis for some reason, I keep getting it there. It is painful. good luck to you.
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    I was just diagnosed from an M.R.I. that I have tendonitis also in the bicept, rotator cuff region and boy is it painful. I can feel you on that one. You said your PT said to go see a doc and my doc is telling me to go see a P.T! He put me on relafen for the inflammation and this is just day two of taking it and so far, nothing. I can't get in for P.T. until next week. P
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    All the connective tissues, which is muscles, tendons, cartlage, everything that holds us together and then some.
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    Try NOW brand Bromelain 500 mg 3 x daily for at least 10 days. It's OTC and really works. Do the research online - Univ. of Maryland Hospitals.

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    with some rotator cuff injury and bursitis and have a lot of arm and shoulder pain. My doc recommended PT and I start next week.

    The PT said that they do a sort of generalized cortisone therapy where they put a patch over the area and then stimulate it with electricity to penetrate. It sounds like it will cover a much more general area than just a cortisone shot which would go into one specific bursa. I have actually had very good luck with cortisone shots for some things, when a specific area was involved.

    There will also be other forms of therapy. I'm hoping for relief as I have had good luck with PT in the past and the therapist that did my treatment evaluation already pointed out a couple of areas that I needed to work on to help myself.

    Body mechanics are seriously important and even little bad habits can lead to big pain after time.

    This is also one case where taking an NSAID actually helped me. Mostly they are no good for the FM pain that I have, but this really needed an anti-imflammatory.

    Good luck. I have a physical job, too and losing the use of my right arm has been very frustrating and terrifying.

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