Bursitis in hip anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. I went to the rheum. and he gave me injections in the area where he said a large bursa but its been 5 days and no relief. I thought I would get relief by now but the gal said it can take up to 2 wks! Huh? I use ice. Its even hard to walk, let alone lay on my sides. My right side is screaming in pain! Anyone know anything else to do? I wonder if its fibro related?

    I wonder if rolling a tennis ball on the area up against a wall will help or hurt?
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  2. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    I had one doctor tell me bursitis (this was before I got the FM dx) and he gave me an injection which did nothing. I was able to do a lot this weekend and my hips are killing me. I can only walk so much and then you can see my start to hobble. I blame it on the Fibro and Vicodin makes it bearable. I am hobbling today and forget about sleeping on my right side (where I also have sciatic/sacroiliac issues).

    I know that floating in the pool helps me. If you don't have a pool or hot tub or anything like that, try soaking in the tub, that might give you some relief.

  3. MsBrandywine

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    Back in 06.. just before I had an accident where I fell on my knees in a parking lot.. I had just went thru 6 weeks of PT with the aqua therapy and exercises and that really helped me alot.. even tho it hurt to do the land therapy it helped with the pool and then using the jaccuzi.. I felt great for about 3 weeks it was like not having any pain at all then Whamo!.. fall on my knees in the dark and then its been downhill every since.. then this last accident in March .. I'm really not feeling so great at all and going thru Post Traumatic stress and soooo much anxiety..
    I hope you get some relief.. maybe you can check with your Dr and if you have Insurance you can try the pool..
    Sending healing hugs.. Debbi~
  4. It has been 1 1/2 wks still hurting. I have actually been going doing exercises in a heated pool and it feels great until later on. I think its fibro plus bursitis. I use ice when I think of it. I also have trouble walking and feel like I wobble with this. This all stinks, between this dd and all! I am so tired of pain,thanks for the replies.
  5. jess

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    Hi, a month ago or so I went to the ER with severe hip pain, couldn't walk. Pain was really intolerable. They x-rayed it and said Bursitis. They gave me a pain shot with anti-nausea med and sent me home. The pain lessened but I was so sick from the shot. (I have gastroparesis). Anyway the pain started to come back so I decided to try Wobenzyms. I took 5, 3 times a day. I couldn't believe it. No pain for me by the next day. I am still taking them. They really work for pain. They are just safe enzymes which if taken between meals are great for inflamation and pain. Jess
  6. Thanks . Jess I also have gastroparesis. Isn't it a pain. Knock wood it is tolerable now. knock wood.
  7. mujuer

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    I have it on my left side. I use the tennis ball daily to get rid of my trigger points there. Sometimes I do it too hard and then I am sore for days but it does help and helps me to walk better otherwise I am doing the back and forth weebles wabble but they don't fall down walk! Try it but go lightly. P
  8. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I've seen a rheumy and my orthopedic surgeon for them and all they say that can be done is cortisone shots, anti-inflammatory drugs and lots of ice.

    My ortho said there is no surgery to help, but the good thing is that your hip joint is not getting any further damage from the bursitis, just pain.

    I've had 4 cortisone shots that didn't help much at all.

    Too much walking etc and I'm in agony. Vicodin and ice are my only relief.

    I've tried gently exercising in my pool, but it only makes it worse!

    No fun at all, huh?
  9. Leaknits

    Leaknits New Member


    Oooohhh, you betcha! Years ago I fell and broke the left femur. Don't ask me why but the drs all call that a hip fracture. Then when I go and say I have hip pain, they ask where the pain is. I point to the spot and dr says "That's not your hip, that's your leg."

    But I digress, lol.
    The result of an orthopedic surgeon putting three screws through that long muscle on the side of the leg or hip, whichever term you like, is a thing current dr calls trochanteric bursitis.

    Call it whatever, it still hurts SO bad, is ugly-swollen, and all dr can offer me for it is temporary fixes to which I'm allergic/sensitive. Steroids and anti-inflammatories.

    And I had to have the screws removed because surgeon didn't anchor them deeply enough and the silly things started to protrude, making rolling over while asleep definitely an event to remember. OW!!

    Sorry I've already faded the name of the poster who said there's a something that can be bought and helps; I'm going to check that stuff out because I've had juuuust about enough of this.

    Fibrobutterfly, I hope you feel much better much sooner than the years I've been trying to deal with this thing.


  10. still suffering, it keeps me awake at night. The injections are the only thing that helps, but they only last about 8 wks. I wish I could give myself the injections . My gp suggested I see a podiatrist, it could be the way I'm walking, a thought, but right now my foot is swollen and can't get my shoe on. geesh!
  11. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I have had it for years in various joints. :-( But hips are the worst.
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  12. cyndeebee

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    I have only been diagnosed with fibro for about a month, but prior to that, I was in excrutiating pain, mainly in my left hip. Doctor after doctor treated me for problems with the SI joint, sciatica, etc. I spent half of a day in Emergency being checked for heart problems, chest problems, gastro...blood disorder...
    Finally, my family doctor made an appointment for me to see the Orthopedic Surgeon. After a 2 month wait, I finally got in to see him, he reprimanded me for being there "because there's absolutely nothing showing up on your X-ray," he poked me hard in the hip area, said "bursitis," and gave me a cortisone shot...which, so far, hasn't helped.
    When I left his office, I felt a bit stunned...and ashamed. Do you ever second-guess yourself? Do you sometimes question if it's all in your head?
    I do.
    But then the pain comes back with a vengeance. I don't take much for the pain because my body is somewhat intolerant of medications (especially Aspirin base - and they make my arms bleed!).
    I can barely recall what it feels like to sleep through the night without waking up, barely able to move, and trying to slowly move into a more comfortable position.
    And when I have a good day (or days), I find that family, friends, acquaintances are quick to jump on it, as if to say "See? You're fine."
    Thanks for letting me vent. In many ways, I feel blessed because I can still muster up 3 or 4 hours of good energy on most days.
    In time, I'll adapt to this diagnosis of fibromyalgia, but I wonder how long it will take for my family and friends (and some doctors) to stop thinking I'm putting this on, either because I want attention...or I've gotten lazy.
    (Me...lazy...over 30 years of working 2 or 3 manual labour jobs at a time, and raising my children on my own...Yup...Must be lazy...)

    Wishing anyone who reads this precious moments of happy energy and long moments of living without thinking about the pain...

  13. Cindy I feel sorry for anyone who gets bursitis. It is so painful, like you said it wakes you up at nite and you toss and turn trying to get comfortable and can't. My dr. did give me a script for lidodermm patches to use. They help,but the only problem is you can only use them 12 hrs then 12 hrs off and while the pain started only at nite, now it is all day. Next wk I see my dr again for another problem and I am going to ask about what I read about surgically removing the bursa as this has gone on for YEARS!

    I am lucky my husband understands pretty much, and the rest of my family have no idea how much pain I am in as I try and act normal around them, although its getting harder.

    I hope you find some help, ice pks help alot, lay on it at nite in bed. good luck.

    ps forgot to add, I get injections from my rheumatologist. For a long time he said it was fibro, now its bursitis? Which I truly think it is. The only problem is I need them every 8 wks and I believe he only gives them every three mo. and he is going to retire and then I am afraid no one will give them to me. My dr quit giving them as she said too many bled too much?

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  14. Idahojo

    Idahojo New Member

    I was recently diagnoses with FM. About a month ago I started having night pains in my right leg. It got worse every night. I thought it was part of the FM after reading something similar to it on this message board. Luckily I went to the doc this week and he did 1 little test, poking my hip with his finger, and the pain about dropped me to my knees. He said it was definitely bursitis. He have me a shot of Cortisone and it started helping right away. I still have a few spots of residual pain, I think it was where the pain was really bad, but so far it has helped immensely. It was so bad I was afraid to go to bed because I knew I was going to get attacked! Then it progressed to hurting in the day too. I sympathize with anyone who has this. It is excruiating. Maybe your doc didn't inject you in the right place. I hope you feel better soon.
  15. unfortunately you will need to keep getting injections about every 3 mo. The only thing that helps is to ice it at night or first thing in the morning.
  16. cyndeebee

    cyndeebee New Member

    The ortho surgeon did a 5 second check and said bursitis. My family doctor, after months of seeing me in his office for constant pain (especially in the hip area) did a tender point check and said it was FM.
    Can you have both?
    My pain seems to travel throughout my body, all day and most of the night. My lower legs can get numbing, painful muscle cramps that last for hours. If I'm a bit active in the early part of the day, I'm exhausted by suppertime, and can't keep my eyes open.
    When I was going into the office to work, I constantly had to fight to stay awake.
    So...Is it bursitis, FM, or probably both?
  17. cyndeebee yes I think its both, get the injections. Three different drs say bursitis. I get terrible muscle spasms/pain in my hips and legs too. Don't u just want your old life back! This dd stinks!
  18. Chelz

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    I also went to a rheum and she gave me what's called a Kennalog injection in my right hip/buttock, it did nothing. When she had asked me if it was better and I said no, she looked puzzled.

    Now, why in the world should she be surprised? I have FM, and I also have sacroiliac sacrum and disk problems like Texangal81 had mentioned in her post.

    I tried the tennis ball against the wall, and it only felt like it bruised and inflammed the area more, so if you are thinking about trying this, it might work for you, but if it gets worse just STOP.

    I also tried using "Life Fitness" pain patches on my hip as well. You might want to try this, it doesn't really get rid of the pain, but the coolness of the patch kind of takes your mind away from the pain. I buy mine at CVS, they are pretty cheap. My doctor also gave me a prescription strength patch which did nothing and they cost about $95.00 a month, so that was out.

    I also have a big ice bag that I use, and that will help somewhat. Put ice cubes in the bag and close it tight with the cap, and just place it on your hip while you are watching TV or resting, only keep it on for about 20 minutes per side. I have pain in both hips and also in the lumbar region, so I put the bag on each area for 20 minutes and just lay on the couch.

    One thing that has helped a little is taking Omega 3 fish oils. I was taking two grams a day, then I ran out, and I did feel more inflammation when I ran out. I order my fish oil, so I have to wait for it to come in this week, but I did notice that I have more inflammation like pain when I don't take the fish oil. Although, I have to say that I'm not sure why the oil works, maybe it helps with the inflammation. Hope some of this advice works for you. Hugs, Chelz.

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