bursitis in my hips

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  1. srollins

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    dr. has decided i have bursitis in my hips, but he didn't offer any suggestions as far as dealing with it.

    should i be doing heat or cold paks, should i be taking an anti something or other, sleep has been almost non exsisted the last week or so.

    walking is such a chore, i feel like i am carrying a ball and chain around with me.

    i got up the courage today to call my dr to raise a little h@## but of course he wasn't in.

    i am about at the end of my rope

  2. Scarlett65

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    I have bursitis in my hips also and yes it is so painful makes life very difficult at times. And to make it worse my knees are a mess too. I roll over on one side in bed and a whole new game in pain with that lately.

    I dont know of anything that makes it go away. I take ultram lately just started taking it. It doesnt take away the pain I just dont seem to care that Im in pain so much anymore.

    Walking is a real pain. If I stand, walk, or am in any position for a period of time longer than 10 minutes my hips feel like they have locked up and if I continue walking, standing, whatever Im doing I go to the ground. Sometimes just standing to do the dishes will get me on the floor. Dont fall down either it makes the pain so much worse.

    Ive had the steroid shots in my hips before but from what I understand they destroy the bone tissue and the shots are only temporary.

    I hope you feel better soon.
  3. Aghllw

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    I have suffered with this too. I go to a pain management dr and he gives me x-ray guided injections in to the bursa sack and also into my inner hip. I have inner and outter hip probs. I can find out what the name of the injections are if you would like. I will make a call and get back to you.

    Also, trigger point injections into the actual bursa helps too. I have a GREAT pain dr and I don't know where I would be w/out him. I don't see a rheumy yet...but a good pain management dr could help you lots!! My PCP sent me to him a year ago and with meds, injections every 3 months, excercise, etc..I am able to at least make it to work. I wish it would work on the rest of me though...

    Good luck! I will get back to you on the injections!
  4. wildwoodlane

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    Hi, everyone. I have bursitis in my hips and went to physical therapy for several weeks. Learned some exercises that I do faithfully every morning. Something that will give relief is to freeze water in a styrofoam glass, small or large, then use a sharp knife to pare down about one-half inch around the top. Lie on your side on a flat surface (bed works for me) with a waterproof pad underneath. (I use the reverse of an old flannel-lined tablecloth.) Put a towel behind you to catch the drip, then apply the ice in a circular motion to bare skin over the affected area. Only do this for five minutes and keep the ice moving in a circular motion all the time to avoid frostbite. Your skin will get red, but you don't want it white!! Doing this twice a day will help since it reduces swelling. My bursitis is better but I know it is still there. Another tip: Keep the "ice-cup" in the freezer in between applications, but you will have to trim it before each use. Usually the styrofoam will crack, so I just put a rubber band around it.

    Hope this might help someone.

  5. megohawaii

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    Hi, I have had bursitis of the rt. hip for about 4 years. I have had fibromyalgia for 10yrs. At first, I thought I had developed a new trigger point, but after seeing the Dr. found out it was bursitis. I have had coritsone injections both external to the bursa sac and internal with arthrogram. Mine lasted about 3-6mo. for quite a while. My Doc. a physiatrist, treats me for fibro and hip pain. I take Vicodin 4x a day, during the first sign of a flare, and that with, ice, and cortisone has allowed me to continue with a semi-normal life for the past four years. My dr. likes to check bone density every year because of the steroids affect on bone. So, far no problem. Bursitis is caused by overuse of the joint, and excersize can become difficult because it causes flairs for the bursitis, but helps the fibro. Try pool exersize it really helps. However, recently, my shots stopped working and I was sent to an orthopedic dr., had MRI with contrast and found several tears in the acetablur labrum of my hip. I will have arthroscopic surgery at the end of this month. Moral of the story - sometimes the cortisone buys you extra time if you are trying to avoid surgery.
  6. MagsFMS

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    Hi Shirley: I have suffered for a long time with my hips. I could not sit very long without the pain and then I would stand or lay down. This brought furher seperation between my husband and me. He wanted to sit and talk and I always ended up frustrated at how long he talked. Because I was in pain and needed to get up. It is soo hard for anyone that doesn't suffer with it to understand it.
    Well, I have tried new mattresses to see if that could be adding to the hip and shoulder problems. First I tried the all so famous, Tempur-Pedic - that did not feel good or help. Then I thought I should try the Sleep Number and that one took awhile to get the right number, but now it feels great...I promise I do not work for Select Comfort or anyone. I just want to share my own findings. At around the same time I also started taking another medication, Neurontine, so I can't be sure if one would work without the other. But together they make my life much better.
  7. ericdinbstn

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    I'm so sorry you're saddled with this. I have bursitis in both hips and tendonitis in the right one as well. I get cortisone shots. I had my first ones 3 months ago, and they moderately helped. I'm going for my next dose in a couple of weeks.

    Other than that I take Ultram, Vicodin, and Zanaflex to help with the pain. I also have FM so it helps this too. Other than that, I use an ice pack which helps dull the pain.

    I bought a Sleep Number Bed, and love it. I keep the level at 50-55 and there's no pressure on my hips. It's great.

    Good luck to you...

  8. summerskye

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    I have bursitis in my right hip. It was so bad that I could barely get in or out of my husband's car. Sleeping was a nightmare. In the morning, I needed help to get out of bed. The pain was awful. Dr gave me meds that caused heart side effects. I'd rather live with the pain that die from a heart problem! I threw out all of the meds and got some of those tempurapedic mattress pads. I sleep on three of them for a total of about 5" of cushioning. Immediate relief! I've put one of these pads on every bed in the house. I recommend them highly.