BURSITIS what can help?

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  1. Besides injections, what helps bursitis? I have it in my hip/top of leg area and it is soo painful, especially after a bit of walking at night its so unbearable. Anything? Injections only last barely two mos.
  2. tut90

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    Besides the injections the only thing that helps some is to place an ice pack on the painful area. I had the injections and the relieve didn't last long. I also have it on my hips.

    Hope it helps,

  3. lea

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    Knowledgeable chiropractor.
    good luck
  4. Bruin63

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    After 6 mo's of constant pain, I went in for some x-rays last month.
    The Orthopedic Dr. said I had Bursittis in the right hip, and I have Tendonitis in my left.

    The pain is so unbearable at times, but l can not have injections.
    SO other than my Pain meds, and Soma, I use a Hot Pack, all the time.
    I bought 3 Bed Buddies, You can also make something like it with , a Tube sock and rice.

    You put them in the Micro for a few mins,

    I wake some nights, with Pain so bad, I can't move at first.

    The thing is, I also have Chronic Moyfasicial Pain Disorder, and the pain/Burttisis, is in a Trigger point, The ILLOPOAS,
    so I also get referred pain in other area's

    the right piriformis and Illopoas often interact.

    I also have Serve Arthritis, in major joints, some days, are so bad that I just stay in bed, and use the hot packs.
    I find the Ice makes it worse. Also when I get cold while sleeping, that makes the hips hurt, so Hots are my help.

    I also do light stretching excerises, I found a good website, that has Photos of the kind I do.

    I use 2 canes, when walking in the house, I look like one of thoes Cross country skiers.
    But it does help.
    Takes the pressure off the hips.

    I am trying to find a Massage Theriphist, who can do Gentle massages, even tho most, do the Deep tissue, I need the soft tissue, swedish massage.

    I hope you can find somthing that can help you relieve that pain.
    Do you have access to a Heated pool? I found that helpful too.

    If you check out Dr Starlanyl's website, or her book, there is more info on handling this pain.

    I see a Pain Dr. and that is a Blessing, since I cannot have the Injections or Steriods, etc.

    Best of luck, and so sorry your having this Pain also.
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    Hi Fibrobutterfly. I have bursitis in my shoulders. My doc told me it was from lifting my son frequently. I don't know if that's what caused it or not. Anyway I use my heating pad (I noticed others find relief with ice though) and most importantly I take a NSAID called Mobic. You may already be familiar with this type of drug 'cause the list of potentially serious side effects is as long as my arm. It is the only drug that relieves the pain of all that I have tried. I have also gotten relief from my Chiropractor as another member suggested.

    I hope you find relief from this painful condition. My doctor said if I would quit lifting my bursitis would get better but that is not an option for me. Good Luck.

  6. highupsidedown

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    I would use ice and some ibuprofen. Bursitis is inflammation of the bursa, you can make it more irritable using heat. Bursitis usually goes away after a few weeks. Your heating packs could be the reason you continue to have the problem.

    Myofascial massage would also greatly help the recovery process. I would highly recommend looking into that.
  7. I guess ice and Ibuprofen is the only thing that helps other than injections.
  8. MandaJ

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    I've had bouts of bursitis and the one thing that helped a ton was to "iron" out your painful areas. Sounds crazy, but after my physical therapist taught me how to do it, I was in much less pain.

    For the legs and hips, find a sturdy foam or cardboard tube (a newspaper end roll works really well) and put it on the floor. Have someone help you get down to the floor and lay on the tube so it is going across your body (so you and the roll make a + shape.)

    Then using your body, guide the tube up and down the painful area. Imagine your body as the controls for a steamroller, the roll the actual roller and the floor what you are rolling. Go very slowly and don't apply more pressure than needed. If it hurts, STOP right away.

    The use of pressure and the rolling motion helps to release the fascia around the area, engage the bursa to release lubrication for the area and stretch those muscles that have gotten so tight and irritated.

    I'm trying to find a video to post of how this exercise works because it sounds absurd, but if I don't find one, I will video myself doing this and post it for you.
  9. I have also used a tennis ball against a wall and me. I CAN"T get up off the floor now anymore.

    I have been taking ambien and it helps me sleep through alot of pain.
  10. Enochroot

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    I have it big time in the shoulders.
    I use a home ultrasound unit, following the same
    protocol done at physical therapy.

    Heat up the area with moist heat

    wand the area for 10 minutes on a medium setting
    in a slow circular motion, (like buffing your car)

    Cool down the area with a cold pack

    You need to get a serious ultrasound unit which is not
    cheap - they need to be in the 1 mhz range not higher.
    I got mine froma a medical supplier for $180.00 Not
    as good as a physical therapy unit but adequate.

    It helps A LOT.

    You MUST read and follow instructions as misuse can
    do DAMAGE.

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  11. OMG last night my burstitis was SOOO painful in the middle of night. I got up and iced it. I think since I have new orthodics I am walking different and its flaring up big time. WHEW! I wish it would just go away and never come back. Isn't there any way to get rid of them permanently?
  12. hermitlady

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    Oh, I know how painful it can be. I have it in both shoulders and hips. Had surgeries on shoulders to open up the joint space and it helped. The hips are bad now, my Ortho surgeon said all you can do is Cortisone, Ice and Anti Inflammatories.

    Cort never has worked well on my hips, mostly ice and several daily doses of 800mg Motrin are the biggest help. Dr told me to ice several times a day to keep swelling down, it does help. Nighttime is awful, I have to sleep w extra pillows supporting my legs in different ways.

    Too bad there isn't anything else, I hate that pain so much. Mine shoots down my legs to my feet sometimes, ow!
  13. harmony21

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    isnt that another desription of FM, I thought that fm had that name years ago????? am I incorrect with that????

    Hope you are coping

    angle hugs
  14. as far as I know it was called fibromyositis when I first was diagnosed.
  15. enochroot I didn't know anyone could buy a ultrasound machine! It would be worth it to get one I am so sick of it hurting bad at nite sleeping, but even worse is the pain walking. Did you need a script from your dr to get one or?

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