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    ive recently got a bus pass,i didnt know before that i could get one,i saw it advertised on a board in the bus station.i pay35pence each jouney compared to the 1 pound 5 pence i was paying before!as i go to the hospital a lot on two buses it really makes a difference.does anyone else know about this or have you all got cars!obviously this only applies in england,i live in south yorkshire and you can use it all over.go to your local social office,get a form,your doctor then has to fill it in,take it back,they sign it ,then u go to bus station services.i know its alot of messing about,i needed my stick alot,and i do get some nasty remarks off the elderly,as though i dont derserve it!im 35,but i do and when i have a good day i can visit my nan.it used to cost 4. 20 before!i hope this helps some one!
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    im just bumping myself in case you found this a bit tedious!
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    oh well this was a waste of time,i willgo back to what cheers me up singing!im quite good,been told,sometimes i dont feel like it with the bloody pain in my leg,what im i whittering on about nobodys gonna read this anyway!lol deb.deb!
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    I start a new job tomorrow, and feel so lucky that I have a bus that takes me straight there, no transferring either. I live in the U.S. .. we have that here too, lower priced bus fare. I got the form from my counselor for depresson. Got a ID made yesterday that I use when boarding the bus. We also have montly bus passes.

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    offer reduced price passes for the disabled. If they accept any Federal money, they are required to. I am fortunate in that regard, because, as a retired bus operator, my entire family has free passes that are accepted in almost all transit districts across the country.