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  1. EgyptStarr

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    This thread started out as one thing, but began to take a more pleasant turn, so I edited the title so that anyone else who wants to read about my new business can do so.... 2 posts below. Enjoy!


    Original Post here:
    I have not been on very much AT ALL, since my business started and is not only picking up but also taking up most of my time now. But I HAVE noticed that I haven't seen Carrie (CareBear) in quite a while! She has not replied to any of the posts that I've read, and I cannot find any new threads started by her........ does anyone know if she left???



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    Thanks, Gigi! Glad to know that she's not gone for good! She IS a super-sweet person.... definitely among my top 5 favorite peoples on the board!

    Thanks also for the "congrats" on my business! Yes, it's going VERY well. Right now I do it every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, from 6 pm till 6 am, so that's 36 hours per week in only 3 nights! I dispatch fuel tanker trucks to various convenience stores in Tulsa (Oklahoma.... I live about half an hour outside of Tulsa myself) and surrounding areas. I sit at home on the computer watching the tank levels of the stores, and when they start to get low, I send a truck full of gas there! So it's really cool in the respect that it really makes me feel kinda important that there are over 100 stores in Northeast Oklahoma that people are filling their cars at with gas that I sent there!

    Plus, when the girl that dispatches on the weeknights calls in sick (she works AT the office), I fill in for her, like I have done twice since I began doing this. And, sadly for her, she's on very shaky ground now with the bosses there. She has not been doing her job the way she's supposed to, and is just about an inch away from being fired. If that happens, I will be doing this SEVEN nights a week! Needless to say, I have been talking to a friend of mine about working for me doing the job 2 nights a week or so to give me a break. It will be GREAT money, but it's kind of intimidating just thinking about it.

    I've been having a LOT of fun setting up my home office! Just a few days ago I spent a portion of my paycheck buying a 19" LCD monitor and a wireless mouse. SO COOL! lol And within the next 2 weeks I am planning to buy an L-shaped desk I saw at Staples that I LOVE! It's perfect for me and the job and will make doing the job much easier and more comfortable. I have my new office chair picked out there, too..... I LOVE shopping for the business! lol Oh, we also opened a business account at our bank, and that makes it feel REALLY official, you know?

    Well, anyway, I have housework to do, and no one asked for all THAT information anyway...... I just felt like typing it, I guess..... lol

    Take care!


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  3. eeyoreblue02

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    I really enjoyed reading your long post about your work. I like to know a bit about people's lives outside their illnesses. (Nosy I guess!) You have a job that I never even knew existed. To be able to do it from home is great. I also work from home and it has been a blessing for me as I am more relaxed and my son never has to be in daycare. Hope you get the full-time position if you want it.

  4. granny1353

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    I also enjoyed reading your post on your job, it sounds very unique and fun. great to read an up post for a change.

    I on the other hand do not have an unique job, I am a church secretary and work two days a week for 4 hours each day. It is a very small church and no one is there when I am working. It started out to be only a 4 yr. job till I got my youngest out of private high school, well here I am 13 yrs. later. It's not alot of money but every bit helps and besides I don't think I could handle any more.

    Well, I didn't mean to go on.....Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself

    Love, Granny
  5. JLH

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    Carrie won't be back.

  6. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    Why will Carrie not be returning?
  7. suzetal

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    Why wont she be back.I truly enjoyed reading her post.

  8. EgyptStarr

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    That really saddens me to learn that Carrie won't be back. She was probably my best friend here, on the board. I am also curious about WHY she left, but I know that ProHealth discourages talk about members leaving, as it often upsets others, so I will suppress my curiosity and move on, I guess. I am disappointed, though, as I know many others are, or will be when they find out. Carrie is very popular here, and for good reasons. She will be missed.

    Thank you for the information, jlh. I appreciate it.


  9. rockgor

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    It's very satisfying to have a job one can do w/ competence and bring home some money. (I hope you're keeping records of all those business expenses. W/ my chronic brain fog I can't keep track of anything.)
  10. EgyptStarr

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    Oh, yes, my fiance' is being OBSESSIVE about keeping receipts of everything so that at tax time we can get as many write-offs as possible! He's got me helping him keep records of everything from the new monitor and desk all the way down to the new business cards and ink cartridges in the printer! Just this morning he was wondering out loud if we can also write off our AOL bill, since that's our internet provider and we have to have internet for me to do the job.

    Yeah, I'd say I don't have to worry about forgetting to keep records..... he'll either make sure I do it or he'll do it himself! Either way.... I won't get a chance to forget, fog or no fog! lol


  11. JLH

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    The rules state that I can't talk about anybody that has been banned. So sorry.


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