Busy mom, can't get out of bed, help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by girlymom, May 5, 2006.

  1. girlymom

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    Anyone else a busy mom who feels horrible? I can't seem to get out of bed today. This morning my husband was off so he made lunches, drove to school and was very understanding. I only did my 8 yr olds hair. However, my sick day will soon end in his book. He tries to be understanding, but only has so much patience. I have been doing great then a few days ago went through a very stressful event with my dad and now I can barely walk and have IBS very bad. Ususally I limp through my days even though I'm so foggy sometimes I forget my ph. #. Ususally no one can tell there's anything wrong other than they probably think I/m a little dingy but... Please someone, I need encouragement. I missed coffee this am w/ my husband so he says how about lunch? Lunch, w/ IBS? I want to pull the covers over my head and disappear.
  2. mom4three

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    You feel like this.
    I feel like that often and thank God my hubby gets up with the kids. But then he goes to work and only 1of mine are in school. But my kids are great and let me lay and sleep on the couch as long as I need.

    It is so very hard and I truly feel for you.

  3. ilovepink4

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    and you are holding mine!!! i am in the same boat..my dh has adjusted over the last 3 years of my dx...how long have you been dx? it sounds new?

    the guilt is the most difficult part for me...when i can't make it to the kids activities...it is like their mom died and they only have a dad!!! we have 4 kids 19, 16, girls....9 and 6 boys...19 dd is disabled and in a wheelchair...needs assistance with everything...how old are you kids?besides the 8 yr old?

    my dh was the biggest crab when i first got sick...now he has pretty much stopped slamming drawers and cupboards!!!it is sweet that you and dh have coffee together...or lunch...at least he still likes to spend time with you...i feel so left out when i am in bed...and i have been doing badly the last few months...we seem to lead seperate lives and there isn't much i can do about it...he is busy with the kids and i am laying in bed with pain...

    it is so hard to be raising kids while sick...i am so surprised when women want to have kids after they are ill...i hate the mother i have become..it breaks my heart...i feel so sorry for the kids!

    anyways, i know what you mean...and i am feeling your pain!!! take care...your dh will get better with time...
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    My kids LOVE to play games. My little one will come into my room and touch my arm with his little hand and then says, "I spy with my little eyes something...._____". He is so cute!

    Anyway the point is we try to make it good time. We play board games in the bed, we play "eye spy",we play backgammon, chess ( my 9 yr. old creams me, I can't remember who moves where). We eat snacks, watch a movie when I can stand it, read books, etc.

    I guess I figure how often do they get undivided attention?
    They understand keeping the lights down, using a soft voice,etc. The little one is five so he knows when mommy is having a bad day.

    Use it when you can. It makes better time out of a rough day. My kids seem to enjoy my bad days...HHUUUMM???

  5. jenni4736

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    for more help for girlymom

    KIMHURTS New Member

    I have 3 girls,10,5, and 3.And i am only 28 years old.I should be energetic,happy.But i am far from it.I can totally sypathize with you.I feel guilty and all the emotions that i am sure you are feeling right now.Unfortunately we can not change what we have.so we just have to take it day by day.I have my bad days and my good days.Never in between it seems.And depression can easily take over.Just know that you are not alone.Best of luck!
  7. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    This is actually good for me to read. It comforts me to know I'm not alone. I have three kiddos girl-9, and twin boys-6.

    I suffer from mommy guilt all the time.

    And wife guilt.

    My husband gets up with the kids too. He does sooo much with them.

    I also gave in a few years ago and started using child care. I didn't want to since I grew up as a latch-key kid but I was having a really hard time.

    The funny thing is, my kids don't really seem to notice. They have a pretty good life. I just wish I could do more with and for them. None of them are in sports or music lessons because I can't keep up with the taking them here and there. I have felt really bad about that.

    And they haven't had a lot of friends over because it overwhelms me.

    We have to let it go. The most important thing is that they know that they are loved (at least that's what my therapist tells me).



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