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    I am on 10mcg Butrans per hour. It cost me 380 for 4 patches(1 month). But when I search the web it give a price of 243 at all other places with coupons. Does anyone know or have used these coupons and have they worked.

    My insurance company said I should be on oxycotin, methadone and fentanl patch before they would even think of Butrans. 2nd month I paid myself. Luckily I got a good yearend bonus that should cover 6 months maybe a bit more. But why would insrance companies want me to be on something that is more harmful first don't get it. I wonder if the manufacturing will give a discount . Thing is my income is not low and to them I proabably make too much. Again stuck in upper middleclass so I pay highest taxes but yet have no writeoffs, house, children or anything. Not fair because I have a good Job(s) but yet can't get any help. I am afraid the butrans will work really well and eventually won't be able to afford. Who knows in these days if I will have a job, very confident I will for quite a while but you never know

    I am at a pain level where I was when I was taking 8 ultram a day. But I want more than just switching pills for a patch (even though it is better on my liver) I want more pain relief and now can't sleep and have RLS beause of Ultram withdrawls.

    I want my Dr. to put me on 15mcg when I see him in 3 weeks
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    The entire medical system fell on it's face when insurance companies, with their lawyers and accountants were given so much power over medical payment decisions.

    So often now us patients have to take medication that is not right for us till it is absolutely proven to the insurance company that it is not a good fit. Even then they will often deny payment and leave it to us sick patients to get up the energy to fight them on the issue.

    This goes on not just with medication but also with testing and even surgeries. It is disheartening.

    I am glad you were able to get the pain med you wanted. Try not to worry about the future. If you take this for 6 months and it works, you will have proof that it is the right drug for you. I would keep a journal listing improvements in case you need it for proof in a future claim.

    Wishing you well,

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    I am not on 20mcg per hour. Just got it filled a week ago. 420 USD after coupon. It seems to be working though. the only reason I thnk now that I still need ultram every now and again is due to withdrawl from Ultram. Getting RLS from withdrawl - that's mine own diagnosis But likely the cause. But the main issue is the cost.

    Drug store says I need pre-auth. Wouldn't the script itself be the pre-auth from the Dr. Duh. But now I think the problem may be the way they have me setup under my Rx plan. Think they have my last name spelled incorrectly. So hopefully in a few days I'll find out if that is the case then I would just have to pay the co pay which is 80 a month. Still high but workable.

    I can deal not being able to take a hot bath, could not get in and out of tub anyways. Going to Bahamas in Feb, guess I have to watch the heat on the patch. I wonder if taking even a normal shower dilutes the patch at all. Not that I would stop showering . I take min 2 showers a day. I'm a little OCD when it comes to cleanliness.

    I take axiron which is testosterone replacement therapy for men and it was an issue getting iti at first, falls under my 80 dollars a month co-pay. Again benefits are worth the cost. I have gained a few pounds on Butrans. At least I think it is because of that, or due to not taking Ultram as such a high does as I was.

    Once I get my meds and costs for them under control and i can start working on my weight again. Don't need to lose tons. I am 6' 3" and 240. Best weight for me is 220. There is a truth to being big boned. lol... but have to dig out my dress pants I put away a couple of months ago. I start traveling again. This time to Orlando every week. May be traveling that for 2 years so may get an apartment. Would be cheaper for client, my boss did same thing. Okay TMI thanks all who read. Bobby
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    I took the liberty of inserting some paragraph breaks in your last post. For many of us, it is impossible to read one long paragraph without breaks. I would hate for someone to miss being able to read your post.

    Love, Mikie