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  1. rkidd3423

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    Has anyone tried the Butrans patch? I have never heard of it until today. I don't like taking pain pills but it's hard not to when you can't even get out of bed some days. I just need some feedback from you guys before I talk to my doctor.

  2. chloe_s_mom

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    Hi Rebecca,

    My GP finally agreed to try me on the Butrans patch, several months ago, and kept me at 5 mcg (it is a weekly patch). i had ultram on hand, to top me up.

    I never was sure if it was doing anything, I would be able to take it off for a while without noticing many side effects/withdrawals.

    I am now being treated by a pain specialist. The first thing that he did was to increase the patch to 10 mcg and then later, the max dose, 20 mcg.

    I rarely take ultram now, and have combined it with a low dose of cymbalta, which also helps w the pain.

    I am not sure, still, how much Butrans is doing. There are always side effects, so going slow makes sense. I used to feel soooo out of it and nauseous on the day that I changed the patch, but now I don't.

    I am also combining these meds with nerve blocking for nerve pain as well as trigger point injections - I looooooove these injections, helps to calm things down.

    As I said, a different mix of meds has allowed me to reduce one of the pain meds and now I am battling fatigue instead of hideous pain :(

    I think that it is worth trying (though it is pricey, even with insurance coverage, I found).

    There was something else that i wanted to say, but I can't remember. Sigh. Will try to remember.
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    My son-in-law uses that and it helps him tremendously.

  4. rkidd3423

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    Thanks for the replies. The good thing is I have a CDHP insurance plan and I have already met my deductible. Everything is free until June 30th so now may be the time to try it since it won't cost me anything. I always try to get everything done that I can after I meet my deductible. Of course, I'm still paying the doctor bills already accrued but I have nothing else coming out of pocket. I am going to call my doctor to see if he would consider putting me on it. I started B12 injections and it's kind of strange. I feel like a hyper child in church...I WANT to do things because I have energy but my body won't let me! :)