Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off (I LOVE THIS GUY!)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RadioFM, Feb 18, 2015.

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    Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off
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    Sugar: The Bitter Truth
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    Hey Radio- I don't know if it's mentioned on the video, but butter is 3-4% butyric acid. That comes out to about 4-5oo mg per serving. Butyric acid is really good for the digestive tract health.
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    Hey Jim,
    Thanks for the fun fact of the day... The incredible healing power of Butyric acid for the gut...sound like a TV commercial..:D I will post a link below.

    These videos are pretty funny as this guy is very passionate in his hillbilly cowboy interpretation of the healing powers of eating a High fat diet. And he's is right.

    I have been doing the Ketogenic diet for over a year and I feel great. My FM symptoms are greatly diminished and I have unbelievable energy. But, there is one problem. I have leaky gut and the dreaded casein antibodies that means no dairy. But, there is a work around as I have been mixing ghee butter with duck fat. I also use coconut cream in my teas and salad dressings.

    I feel based on my Cyrex Lab research most people with a history of leaky gut and gut dysfunction who attempt a Ketogenic diet will have to be avoid dairy produces.

    The Ketogenic lifestyle is only part of my healing interventions as raw ginger juicing has also been very beneficial in controlling my FM symptoms as well. These two dietary interventions have been synergistic in controlling inflammation and restoring my health.

    See more here: Nutritional Healing Strategies Beyond The Paleo Diet (Updated info)

    Yes, I still have mild Lyme arthritis and high Methylation requirements...But, I wake up in the morning blessed to have control of my disease with out the uses of toxic drugs. I have been slowly posting these threads in attempt to help educated others that healing is possible. Never give up the fight.

    See more about the incredible healing power of Butyric acid for the gut below!

    (Is Butter Healthy? Part One: Butyric Acid Benefits -)

    Super butter man and his arch enemy gluten bread toaster girl...to be continued.

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    Radio-"Super butter man and his arch enemy gluten bread toaster girl...to be continued." That's hilarious! I laughed out loud when I read that.

    It sounds like we are on similar paths. I am also on a high fat, low carb diet and have been for a year. I am gluten and dairy free. I am not juicing ginger, but a couple of weeks ago I started eating fresh ginger. Now I take it about 20-30 minutes before meals.

    It's suppose to act as a prokinetic, to help the undulating waves of the GI tract keep colonic bacteria in the colon and help with SIBO. Also dealing with leaky gut as well. The only drug I take is an otc anti-histamine to help with a seriously runny nose. Have a good one........
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    Hey, you should post up some more threads and shared you knowledge and experiences with other forum members. We need more supportive threads as many forum members are new to these concepts. When we help others we inspire ourselves...
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    What, you mean more work! lol Kidding aside, you make a good point.
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