BUTTER vs MARGARINE - for your health's sake!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by victoria, May 22, 2005.

  1. victoria

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    is that if you look at the ingredients etc., you'll see they've upped the sugar to compensate for the loss of fat, hopefully thus fooling our taste buds.

    Obviously the extra sugar in low-fat products didn't exactly help the diabetes statistics. LOL, for example, I know a person who felt he could eat twice as much low-fat ic-ecream because it was low-fat, not even considering sugar content!

    Even worse, this person has a Ph.D. in biology. . .proof that education doesn't always require logic?

  2. owwch

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    Use trans fat free substitutes! Most are made from canola or olive oil.
    Also I saw mentioned above the expensive "margarine" reccommended by the AHA, there are at least two brands, these are actually plant sterols and will lower your bad cholesterol.[This Message was Edited on 05/26/2005]
  3. nancyneptune

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    I have NEVER been the fool who switched to margerine just because they said butter was bad for you. I hated the taste and it didn't cook right. Then the research showed that partially-hydrogenated oils were terrible for your arteries, so I was vindicated in my loathing of margerine.

    My sister swears by margerine, and is a stubborn mule about not eating butter, but she also won't go to the doc and get her cholesterol checked. She'd know then. I tried to tell her about the partially-hydrogenated platic-like chemicals in it, she wouldn't listen.
    How in the world do I get her to see that margerine is bad for her?
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    I use "Garden of Life" virgin coconut oil. It stores at room temprature with a spreadable consistancy. This oil is high in saturated fat like butter. I read that the heart needs saturated fat to function properly. Using vegtable fat instead of animal removes your exposure to animal steroids and antibiotics. Buy only the cold pressed virgin oil. My naturalpath recomends it as it is also easily digested.

  5. ellenwolfie

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    I love butter - stopped using margarine a while back -
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    I have very much enjoyed reading this thread and what everyone has posted. we have been back eating butter for years now. But yes we did the margarine thing for way to long a time not knowing any better.