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    I just wanted to say "thanks" again for when I first came on this board, completely lost and scared (which I still am, lol) but you offered to talk to me on the phone and it felt so good to have someone else who had some of the same symptoms as me.

    Now that I finally have my LLMD appt, I have looked back on this past road I've been on, and remembered how nice it was for you to lend some of your time to talk to me. It really meant a lot and I'll never forget that. :)

    So, thanks again.

  2. buttercakes

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    It was my pleasure, I hope your feeling better. Please let us know what happens at your LLMD appointment. You sound so much calmer now, It sounds funny to say, but dont you have at least a little peace, now that you have been correctly diagnosed with lyme? CDC positive, there is no question in that. Stay positive and keep in touch. Sandie
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  4. vcamlin

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    Of course being the little hypochondriac that I am, I always wonder "what if" it was something else. But, my symptoms are so consistent with Lyme and I had a CDC positive test...so I just have to accept that.

    I do have some peace, especially since I see the beginning to a supposedly long road of recovery ahead of me. I'll do almost anything to get my life back.
  5. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    It will get easier to accept as time goes on, when you get into a good treatment you'll feel so much better. You will be able to move on and just focus on getting better, healing is just around the corner(7/29/09) GOOD LUCK my friend. Sandie

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