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    thank you...
    could you tell me your results?
    there are other thing that can cause a positive IFA: syphyllis, herpes, and autoimmune stuff but, i was neg. for all that...even with the spinal tap...but, they never looked for lyme in the tap.

    my symptoms are all there for lyme...i really mimic ms so that is why they did the tap and looked at S, Herpes, and hiv....all neg.

    this really got bad after i had our last child...starting with dimming vision a pain on the top of my head and a delay feeling in my left leg and some off balanceness.

    we were in co then and lived in the beautiful denver garden district which unfortunately had mice..white foot...we had them so i thought i had acidentlly got rat poison in me...which started the neuro symptoms.

    i was a field biologist in north louisiana and southern arkansas...for years too.

    thanks so much for your help, sc
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    These are my Igenex results, Igm 23-25+, 31+++, 39ind, 41+, 83-93ind/Igenex positive & CDC positive. Igg 31+,41+/ Igenex positive but CDC negitive. It sounds like you have ruled out most everything else. With 41+,31+ and all your lyme symptoms it seems clear that it is Lyme. Before I seen my LLMD I was told I had MS,Lupus,FM,CFS and the best one was.... just crazy. A good LLMD will make a clinical diagnosis and treat you accordingly. I know some other Lymies who had results like yours that treated for Lyme and are doing sooo much better. Have you seen a LLMD? Sandie

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