Butterfly of grace, Happy Thanksgiving,

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    You have made my week a little happier and for that I thank you. I have looked forward to thinking and posting what I am most thankful for. I want you to know how much I appreciated it. And don't ever give up. It is like saying about children (and we can both relate to that one. "If I make a difference in just one childs life then I have done the right thing." Something like that anyway. You have made a difference, for me.

    Especially on a day like today when we should all be thankful, my thing to thankful for today would be: YOU for starting these posts all week.

    I know you have children that somedays make life stressful. Teenagers, ya just gotta love em! We both have those teenagers that can oh so push out limits. Today is the day we can step back and appreciate how much we love them, even though they drive us crazy. (And gee I don't know about you but I am so looking forward to the fact they have three more days off! (sarcasm there, tee hee).

    Our FM makes things so much worse. We have low self-esteem, we worry too much about others (because we are mom, the glue that holds it altogether), we worry about finances (that most days look like they can never be fixed), we worry about everyone around us and forget about us sometimes. We bury our emotions and never get a thank you.

    I know today, like many days before, I won't get a thank you, even though I started the day with a migraine. I have the turkey in, the pies baked and extras in the oven. What they will notice is..no potatoes and dressing. Do I mind...nope. Do I want a thank you, maybe just a little, but I remember being a kid and I didn't thank mom often enough even though she had emphasema/asthma. I should have. But maybe today I can make someone else feel better.

    I hope that is you. I know you need a boost, so today I hope you read this and know there is someone out there that understands and says thank you for all you do.

    You have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, and hopefully stress free.
    Take care and Kitten Hugs,
    Blessed Be,
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