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    I cant space so Ill do the best I can so this makes sense. "Sooner Cornbread Salad"...1 box or pkg 12oz cornbread mix baked according to directions, cooled and crumbled......1 green pepper finely chopped......1 small onion finely chopped......1 tomato finely chopped.....1 cup whole kernel corn drained......3 hard boiled eggs chopped......1/4 teasp salt.....1 pint buttermilk salad dressing (can use buttermilk ranch)......2 cups cooked ham cubed.......Mix all ingredients together and chill at least 2 hrs for flavors to blend. Makes a bunch lol
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    Oh i do appreciate this recipe. i Never have tried anything like this..sounds so good

    i don't think i've ever tried the buttermilk Ranch dressing before.

    Your a life saver... this recipe will come in handy...can't wait to make & taste this !!!

    I thank you tons !!!

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    Im sure you could use regular ranch dressing. I once made it with salsa ranch dressing that I get at walmart and it was so good. Spicy tho. I make this when theres a large gathering for whatever reason and it always disappears. I hope you get to try it sometime and enjoy it!
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    i added fresh broccoli too and a can (drained) kidney beans
    Instead of the ham, i had packaged bacon bits so i put the BBits on top of cheese then the dressing.
    i used Italian Ranch dressing
    We'll be eating this for a week !!!! Makes sooooo Much and soooo Yummy !!

    Thanks so much for sharing this Becky...Oh so good..
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    Im really glad you liked it! Glad you "tweaked" it for your needs/preferances. Ive never thought about adding cheese! Ill have to try that the next time i make it. You REALLY gotta love your cornbread to like this. Not a problem for me. One of my favorite meals is cornbread and buttermilk. Ive had that recipe for about 15 years. Im so glad to share it with you!