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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Beadlady, Nov 24, 2012.

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    When I got my new car it only came with one key and alarm remote. We find out after we had signed the papers that it would cost around $ 500.00 to buy a new remote, a key and to have the alarm & the two remotes re-programmed.

    I looked online and found a place that sells all makes of alarm remotes and the one we need. The price is alot less than what the dealer quoted us.

    Any experiences with buying a remote outside of a car dealership before?

    I know I need to buy the actual key from the dealer as it has a special chip in it, and then I would have to have the 2 remotes re-programmed with my car.


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    I wonder about what the person is telling you. Why do you have to reprogram everything because you are keeping the same settings as the first alarm remote.

    Usually if you have an alarm installed outside of the dealership, you get 2 alarm remotes set exactly the same so they both turn off the car and act the same. I always had the extra in case my relative had to come down and get my car for some reason. They would go to my home, pick up the duplicate key with the duplicate remote and that second remote was set exactly as the original remote. They wouldn't have to have my key and remote in order to get my car. So it worked great

    Also, it used to be that you would go inside the alarm remote and set the duplicate remote exactly the way the original one was set. It wasn't any big shakes and no "re-programming it with the car."

    EXCEPT if you had your key and alarm remote stolen and wanted to come back in and get the key and have your alarm completely reprogrammed to a different setting. then I could understand a reprogramming, but it shouldn't be any big deal.

    I'm wondering if you're getting a true answer or if the car alarms from the dealers have changed so much. Open up the remote you have and see if it has settings.