buying meds on line?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by texascountry, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. texascountry

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    I am still waiting on both my insurance and SS disability apps. and no longer have medical insurance. Money is TIGHT and I need some meds. Has anyone bought prescription drugs on the internet. I looked at some of the sites and they wanted you to become a member. I am a computer novice and worry about viruses, privacy, etc. Are there any safe sites and how do you know? Thanks for help.
  2. GooGooGirl

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    Those sites are generally VERY expensive and there has been some question as to what it is you are actually getting when you order on line. I've heard some of those sites don't send the real thing. I would be more worried about that than viruses, etc.
  3. klutzo

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    I use drugstore and the usual ending (hint), and they do not make you join anything. They are a secure server, and a Rite Aid drugstore. I save a bundle there. My average savings is about 55% per script. I am on Medicare, and so have no drug coverage.
    The only thing is you have to be organized and think ahead because it takes a lot longer to get your meds, esp. since 9/11. Before the 9/11 disaster, it took about 3 days to get a refill, and now it takes about 10 days. Have your doctor's office call in your scripts to them. Do not mail the written script or it takes forever, and I had a script stolen in the mail. Because that was happening, they now require all controlled substance scripts to be called in, not mailed.
    My only concern is about stability of meds that are in a hot mail truck here in Florida in summer. When my meds arrive, they are often really hot to touch, but I cannot afford regular drugstore prices, and have so much trouble driving, that it really is a help to have them come in the mail. So far, I have not gotten ill due to the pills being heated up, and I can't afford any other way.
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    I have ordered twice online because my old dr said he would nolonger refill my muscle relaxer due to the # of refills line had been altered ( by my kids of course but they don't buy that) Anyways if you want to email me then I can give you the one I just ordered from but it costed me $99 for 90count bottle of Soma............aptrsn5
  5. texascountry

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    thank you all for your information and suggestions. I had not thought about the expired or tainited drug aspect. It looks like I have a lot of sites to explore. Thanks again.