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    WOW, 2 pounds already. That is great!
    I know about the night time weakness, I have it also. That is why I had to completely clean out my pantry. I even got into the kids animal crackers one night. Boy were they mad at me for eating them. Now they hate me because I can't have certian things in the house. My biggest weakness is peanut butter. I will put it on anything or eat it straight from the jar. The kids love it also but I just can't have any in the house. No ice cream either. Even if it is low carb, no added sugar I will over eat it. Low carb dosn't mean much when you eat half of the carton in one sitting.
    Try the SB diets desserts for those late night cravings. The ricotta cheese desserts are good and really filling. I also keep no sugar jello and jello pudding around. I over ate the chocolate pudding last night but at 25 calories a serving it did little damage.
    I make the desserts during the day so they will be ready for the late cravings. If it is already made I have no excuses for eating the foods I am not supposed to.
    Don't be so hard on yourself for the sugar last night. I slipped up quite a few times and still lost weight. If tossing out the sugary foods in the pantry is to hard try to get someone else to help you. I had a really hard time tossing things out. Mostly because I hate to waste food. I also kept saying to myself, what if company comes over and I need to cook for them?, etc. I had my sister-in-law come over and help me. She took most of it so I did not feel I was throwing out perfectly good food. I even tossed the white flour and baking mixes so I would not be tempted to bake when cold weather comes.
    When a sugar craving hits at night try to drink a glass of water before you go to the fridge. Sometimes just avoiding the craving for 5 minutes is enough. Sit and drink the water and try to think of exactly why the sugar craving is so strong. I often find I am not hungry but upset about something or just in pain. Funny how chocolate makes me feel better when I hurt.
    Bitter foods help to curb sweet cravings also. I keep cucumbers in vinegar in the fridge. When I want something sweet I try the cucumbers first. Often after one or two bites the sweet craving is gone.
    Those old habits are so hard to break. Try to keep the fridge ready for the sugar cravings at night. Keep things prepared in the fridge so you can easily grab good for you food choices. I will more readily make good choices if things are already made and easy to get.
    You are doing great girl! You have already made it through the worst part, starting. Now it should get a little easier day to day. Remember that every day is a new start. If you slip up you can always start anew the next day.
    Stay posative and take it one day at a time.
    Much love,
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    Bump for Boxgirl....
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    Well, I did okay today. I had an egg for breakfast and my low-fat de-caff cappuccino. I had to go to jury duty today, but got off. They didn't want me. That's another story. So I went to Starbucks' and got a sandwich for lunch. Turkey and tomato on foccaccia bread. I shouldn't have eaten the bread but I did.

    I'm having chicken for supper. I haven't had time to go food shopping but as soon as I do I'm going to buy the riccotta cheese and other things in the SB book.

    I just have to get rid of that Brown Sugar!!!!


    P.S. - I've been drinking A LOT of water lately!!!!
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    I had a good day yesturday with the diet. No carbs and lots of protien. Today I was so tired that I grabbed the first thing I found for breakfast. Not good, cereal. It was low carb, high protien cereal but I still should have abstained. As soon as I get a little carbs in me I crave tham all day.
    Tonight I am making London Broil with freah butter beans. I will also make a tomato salad with the tomatoes in my garden. I will make the kids noodles. Luckily I have made so many pots of pasta for the kids over the years that I no longer am tempted by it.
    I am feeling a little productive today and started breaking up floor tiles for my bathrooms. I can not do straight lines so I figured I would do mosaic designs instead of rows of tile. I have many shades of blue and green and am planing to make wave like patterns. Once the kids are in bed I am going to dry practice on the floor.
    This should keep me out of the kitchen!!
    Let me know how you are doing,
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    I haven't been doing as well but I'm still trying
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    You took the hardest step, the first one. Good luck in your weight loss goals! Just post if I can offer any help or support!
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    Hi. Your project sounds inspiring! We're going to do our bathroom floor over one day too.

    Today I did so-so. I am seeing a new doctor. I went to him because I wanted to change psychiatrists, but it turns out he's also a pain specialist. We're going to work on everything - my emotional state, physical, including pain, endocrine system, metabolic system, etc. I'm really excited. I'm seeing him again after my sleep study.

    I didn't do terrible today but not great either. I am going to go food shopping this weekend and get all the things I really need. I hope that makes a difference!

    I go up and down with the food thing. I'm convinced there's something wrong with my system. I have an appt. with this doctor after my sleep study. I'm excited - maybe something will finally work!!!!

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    but I did this morning.I lost 5 lbs!I need to watch my sugars better though.You guys are such great support!