C.F.S and Lyme - help anyone

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by patchwork, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. patchwork

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    I have had C.F.S for the past 24 years and was recently diagnosed as also having Lyme(or maybe the C.F.S is due to Lyme?). From my anti-body profile it seems I was bitten a long time ago. My Lyme specialist is no quack - he's a top specialist and highly regarded. He says he thinks my body has got rid of the Lyme bacteria on it's own and won't put me on ABX unless he finds bacteria in subsequent blood tests. Does this make sense to any of you???? I thought the bacteria couldn't be found in blood tests??? And why do I have all the symptoms??? Is it the C.F.S???? or Lyme??
    Should I push for A.B/X?????
  2. elaine_p

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    Is it possible that the Lyme stays latent in our blood? The herpes family of viruses often do this, and I think I read they "hide" in our spine (or at least somewhere), so they aren't detected by normal lab tests. I don't know what to recommend for testing right now, but you could do an internet search for the Institute for Molecular Medicine and/or International Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. (One is the parent company.) I know they do testing for stealth pathogens and have a CFS-panel, they might also do or be able to do a Lyme test.
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    It probably would be a good idea to try ABX for no more than 3-6 months, and find a llmd to do so, if you wish. My experience is that you cannot kill late lyme, yet many believe you can.
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    If you can try the ABX empirically. If you start to feel better and/or if you have a Herx effect, it is pretty good evidence of a stealth infection. If not, the ABX will have no effect and you can discontinue them. Taking them for a while is not harmful and the benefits may be well worth the effort.

    Love, Mikie